This sci-fi series, number 2 on Netflix's best series list, received a perfect score of 100%.

This sci-fi series, number 2 on Netflix's best series list, received a perfect score of 100%.

At the end of June, a six-episode British sci-fi miniseries was released on Netflix. It currently ranks second in the most-watched series on the platform, and has a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

It's a rating system that movie buffs are familiar with. The “Tomatometer” created by the site rotten tomatoesIt represents the percentage of positive reviews for a particular program. As the reviews come in, the positive and negative comments are compared. An overall rating equivalent to “freshness” or “poor quality” is then given to the movie or series. On June 27, Supercella six-episode miniseries created by Rapman.British rapper and film director. The Blue Storyjoined Netflix's ranking. The show, which currently sits at number two in the streaming platform's top ten, should appeal to viewers who appreciate superhero-centric worlds. Furthermore, it has collected Perfect score 100% On Rotten Tomatoes, it's a guarantee of quality. In fact, when it does, it generally means the show has achieved near-universal acclaim. It's therefore considered among the best of its kind.

Supercell What is the theme of this sci-fi series with superheroes?

Supercell Immerse us in the daily lives of five people. probably Normal. Nothing ties them together, except that they are all black and live in South London. One day, they will discover by chance (and not without fear) that they have powers. The series takes the time to characterize each hero well, allowing viewers to relate to the experiences they are going through. In the background of the intrigues, the pitfalls faced by London's youth are depicted. The screenwriter particularly wanted to address the theme of gang wars and the theme of job instability. I have The standardThe show's creator revealed that it was inspired by his own life: I talk about my journey in an attempt to inspire. [les jeunes]because I came from that gang background and now I do what I do..

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Supercell Will the second season be shown to the audience?

The enthusiasm of the masses for Supercell So much so that many of them are leaning towards hoping for a second season. This would allow for many developments in the story and provide answers to some of the questions that viewers have in mind after watching. At the moment, Netflix has not announced a renewal, but the possibilities of the story seem multiple. For his part, Rapman does not seem to be against this idea. “I always say that the first season of Supercell, For me it's like “Batman Begins,” he recently told the English-language site. Radio Times. This is just the beginning.”

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