The bride looks beautiful 馃攽

The bride looks beautiful 馃攽

This is a company that, after being helped by the Portuguese state, is returning to the green zone with good growth prospects.

Therefore, she is ready to return to the private sector and will soon seek to marry powerful players in the aviation sector.

It has rebuilt its wealth: profits, ties with Brazil, its largest supplier in Europe, a strong presence in Africa, and many flights to the United States.

Something for interest groups Such as Lufthansa, IAG and of course Air France – KLM have shown interest.

After the air bridge being established between Paris and Lisbon, will there be a capital bridge between Lisbon and Paris?

We understand that Frederic Gossow answers this question. 鈥淚 have no doubt that the bride is beautiful, But this process is managed by the Portuguese government He offered with a smile.

The answer is in a few months when the Portuguese government puts the company up for sale.

In the meantime, he is currently receiving preliminary reports from two independent valuers who have been appointed to determine the value of TAP SA. According to our information, Ernst & Young and Banco Finantia have submitted initial drafts of their evaluation reports to ParPublica, the state holding company through which the government owns TAP.

These evaluation reports will be necessary for Portugal to begin the privatization of TAP, Which received more than 2 billion euros in government aid To survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

鈥淭he government plans to approve the privatization of TAP at a Cabinet meeting this month and finalize the sale of the carrier in the first half of 2024.鈥 The Portuguese Minister of State for Finance announced, joao nuno mendes, Daily Economic Negotiations Magazine.

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The evaluations are still under discussion and the government has not yet received the final versions of these reports.

The government, which owns 100% of TAP, plans to retain the stake in the airline after privatization to ensure that 鈥 strategic goals 禄 achieved, including maintaining Portugal as a major centre.

This appears to be the will of the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

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