Oceans, Europe, the environment… What does the agreement between LFI and EELV include

Oceans, Europe, the environment… What does the agreement between LFI and EELV include

a “A moment in history” According to Adrian Quatinens, La France Insomes (LFI) MP from the North. After ten days of negotiations, the Federal Council for the Environment of Europe – Greens (EELV) endorsed on Sunday 1Verse At the end of the evening, the agreement was negotiated with the “rebels” for the legislative elections on June 12 and 19, by 84 votes to 10 against, and 8 blank ballot papers. The two left-wing parties, who received 26.6% of the vote in the first round of the presidential election, agreed on many points. “Ambition programme”. “We decided to build a common banner […] up to 300 widths”Julian Bayo, EELV National Secretary, explained, on BFMTVThis Monday, May 2.

The head of the Green Party claimed that the EELV candidates It will be present in a hundred constituencies.. The geographic distribution of these categories has been a sticking point. The Greens wanted city centers to win the 2020 municipal elections. They won their case in Bordeaux, Strasbourg or even Lyon, but not in other big cities. In Paris, they obtained the third, fifth, eighth and ninth electoral districts.

sequel after the announcement

The goal, to which Julian Bayo returned, is to organize Majority in the National Assemblyrepeating the terms of the agreement it proposes Large rally based on the dynamics of the presidential campaign of the Popular Union. » In the case of the majority, “The Prime Minister will come from the largest group in the Assembly, which is Jean-Luc Melenchon.”And Select the text.

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“Implement real environmental planning”

The last days of negotiations made it possible to reach final compromises. Especially in Europe, where the concept “disobedience” Required by the LFI is retained but only for certain economic and budgetary bases. The agreement clearly states that “Its policy cannot be for France to leave the Union, nor disintegrate it, nor the end of the single currency,” But this disobedience is necessary to the rules in “Incompatibility or even contradiction with the imperatives of environmental and social emergencies.”

“We will not be the first nor the last to do this in France and Europe.”justifies the text by citing Spain, Germany or Portugal, adding that it is necessary Putting an end to the neoliberal and productive path of the European Union.

Left Union: LFI, EELV meet Socialist Party, Rosell hopes for ‘deal during the day’

EELV has also joined many of the proposals stemming from the Jean-Luc Mélenchon program: an increase in the minimum wage to €1,400, a return to retirement at age 60 for all, and the creation of a VI systemAnd Republic, ensuring the autonomy of youth, freezing prices for basic necessities, eliminating poverty. It’s also a matter “Implementing real environmental planning by applying a green rule (or climate gold rule) to respond to a climate and environmental emergency.”

sequel after the announcement

‘We are not bound by a new mandate for climate inaction’Julian Bayo commented on Monday.

Conclusion of discussions with PS and PCF

Both parties want to win as many seats in the National Assembly as possible “To unite on the basis of an ambitious program all the forces that participate with it, while respecting their pluralism and independence”, they write. Basim “clarity”the press release also specifies that the gathering will be held around a joint banner entitled “The Ecological and Social Union of the New People”.

The text evokes the work of the union “A campaign parliament that brings together political forces and personalities from the union, association, cultural and intellectual worlds” and one ‘plural majority’ World Health Organization He will form a joint group to complete and continue this joint work after the elections. »

‘Election me prime minister’: Mélenchon’s new path

“In order for this agreement to be effective and to meet the enormous expectations of our citizens, we give ourselves all means to ensure the success of the discussions that have begun with the other powers.”, they write. The LFI meets with the Socialists and the Communists on Monday to close the Left Union permanently. “By finalizing this expansion as soon as possible, we can hold a joint launch event on Saturday 7 May.”The statement concluded.

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