The bottom of the sea: a mysterious golden egg that leaves scientists scratching their heads

The bottom of the sea: a mysterious golden egg that leaves scientists scratching their heads

A mysterious golden object with a texture similar to human skin, which may be an egg of an unknown type, was found in the depths of the ocean off the coast of Alaska last Thursday.

“Something tried to get in… or get out,” said one of the researchers during a live broadcast of the remote-controlled dive by a team from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Seascape Alaska 5 mission. NOAA), The Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

According to the first hypotheses, the shiny golden body, which will have a texture similar to human skin or silk, is likely to be the outer shell of an egg of an unknown type, British media reported, due to the presence of many marine species, such as sharks. And the rays lay their eggs in this way at the bottom of the water.

It could also be a new species of sea sponge, coral, or a Pacific barnacle, a type of small crustacean.

“I just hope that when we touch it, something doesn’t decide to come out. It’s like the beginning of a horror movie. When collective knowledge can’t recognize it, it’s strange. What kind of animal could lay an egg like that?” He could have called out a second scholar, clearly at a loss.

The mysterious egg, which was found more than three kilometers below the surface at the site of an extinct volcano, was recovered by a mechanical arm so it could be examined on the surface of the water.

“In my 20 years exploring the sea floor, I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s always exciting to see new things, and I’ll look forward to sample analyzes to understand what they are,” said Professor of Deep Sea Ecology, Carey Howell, from the University of Plymouth, on a website. MailOnline.

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According to her, there is a high probability that the object is related to a new species, as it is estimated that more than a third of life in the ocean is still unknown, the Telegraph reported.

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