Taking piano lessons from the age of 60 will prevent dementia

Taking piano lessons from the age of 60 will prevent dementia

Taking piano lessons at age 60 may strengthen brain tissue in older adults.

Dementia is a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to carry out daily activities. “, to remember World Health Organization. It affects 50 million people worldwide, and is especially fatal for one in two elderly people in the United States. However, researchers have just come up with a new way to avoid dementia. According to one of their new studies, Taking piano lessons at the age of 60 strengthens brain tissue.

Piano to fight dementia

In detail, study follow it daily Mail Confirms that playing the piano can strengthen brain tissue. To reach this result, the participants in this work came to play the piano daily for 30 minutes. They also took part in a one-hour piano lesson per week. Note that 121 people in this study had never played an instrument. Music Previously. Before and after the experiment, brain scans were performed on all of them.

After the analyses, the researchers noted that musical activity made it possible Strengthening the white matter in the participants’ brains for the experience. The first benefits came after six months of weekly lessons. The results showed that people who took piano lessons lost almost no white matter. For participants who did not take piano lessons, a significant decrease in white matter density was observed.

As a result, the study suggests that the brain changes observed are directly related to the intensity with which participants invested themselves in musical training, here piano. Thus, this work offers a new way to address the dementia syndrome, which mainly affects the elderly.

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