Starfield provides details about its missions and companions in the new FAQ | Xbox One

If you’re like us, you must definitely regret not having tackled a new gameplay video starfield At the Game Awards. Bethesda still doesn’t have a new release date for the game, but they just revealed more.

Details on quests and companions

It was Will Shinn, Starfield’s lead quest designer, who lent himself to the game’s FAQ by answering several questions from players. Significantly discussed traditions and tasks as well as details regarding companions; Here’s what to remember:

  • The missions take place in our solar system at the beginning of the game
  • It is possible to explore the planet Mars and its city of Sidonia
  • Unlike Fallout 4, joining a faction does not prevent you from accessing quests from other groups
  • The player’s decisions can lead to the death of some of the main characters
  • You can let your companions speak for you during some dialogues
  • Your friends will have opinions about your choices during the main mission

Although small, this little information allows us to once again imagine the ambition of the new game from Bethesda. Remember, Starfield is scheduled for 2023 on Xbox Series X | S and PC, and that it will be available directly in Xbox Game Pass when it’s released.

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