Apple comments on ‘Behind the Mac’ Star Wars video

Apple regularly offers mini-movies to promote the use of its computers by professionals, whether for audio creation, video editing, or even game and software development. This time, Apple has released a short trailer for the upcoming “Behind the Mac” movie “Skywalker Sound”, the sound effects division of Lucasfilm known for its Star Wars series and many other films that are spreading around the world. ticket window.

Here is a “Skywalker Sound” teaser that can be viewed on Apple’s YouTube channel:

On May 4, stand behind your Mac at Skywalker Sound to meet the artists who are making noises from a galaxy far, far away.

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The full movie will be released on Apple’s YouTube channel on May 4, a special day for the Star Wars series, and will show how artists from the “Skywalker Sound” studio use Macs and other audio-generating tools found in blockbuster movies. No longer limited to movie productions because Star Wars is now available in series on Disney + but also in video games On most platforms including recently on Apple Arcade. We’ll update the article with the full video on D-Day.

skywalker studio behind mac . video
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