soccer. Kintzheim, the only one to appear in District 1, gets its first victory

soccer.  Kintzheim, the only one to appear in District 1, gets its first victory

District 1

Baldenheim – Pennoyer: 0 – 4.

First half: 0 – 2.

Referee: Mr. Arijit.

Goals: Welker (3H 44H 81H ), CSC (61H ).

A soulless local team registers another setback in a row, Sundays follow each other and are the same… Destiny seems to be shaping up from the start after Welker clears the opening score. Benoir controls the discussions without being really dangerous. Facing the wind, locals had difficulty getting close to the surface, as the ball lifts lacked fluidity. While anything remains possible, the same scorer doubles the score before the end of the first half.

When we resume work, locals will be a little more present. But the death knell sounded after the hour mark, as a local defender fired the ball into his own net after a harmless cross. The head is no longer there and there are few chances of shaking. The last goal would be just a novel, if not for the personal account of Welker, the hat-trick winner. At the last minute, any blatant mistake in the visiting area will not be punished, much to the dismay of local residents.

Racing HW 96 II – Kintzheim: 3 – 5.

First half: 3-3.

Referee: Mr. Brash.

Goals: Eder (18H Ramazzo (25H (Ahmed) 38H ) to forgery; Mossard (10H 78H ), eret (30H ), Liniger (40H ) , M. Generation (68H ) to Kintzheim.

On a field that was barely paved, the two teams fought an enjoyable confrontation. Mussard opened the scoring with a powerful shot from 25 metres. Kintzheim had three clear chances in the process, but Chocrotier’s goalkeeper made a brilliant intervention. Contrary to all expectations, Residents equalized through Eder from a free kick and took the lead through Ramazzo after a poor ball. Irt equalized 5′ later. The game gets going quickly, Holzhauer takes the lead through Ahmed, and the Racingmen level the score through Leiniger.

As soon as the second half began, Jacquemin’s teammates herded the locals into their camp and, after getting past three defenders, Mr. Gil beat the goalkeeper with a shot from 20 metres. Ten minutes later, Mussard, being the fine captain that he is, scored the final score with a brilliant cross. Kintzheim gets his first win.

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Bindernheim – Münster: 1 – 4.

First half: 1-1.

Referee: Mr. Numa.

Sundays follow one another and are similar with Bayern registering a heavy defeat. The first 10 minutes are local, with Erhardt facing off against the opposition goalkeeper. But as is often the case, in the corner to their advantage, locals are caught at the counter. The clearance of the ball from the Haut-Rhin goalkeeper, driven by a gust of wind, reached 16 metres. All the Munster striker has to do is drive the ball deep. We have to wait until 43H To see Ehrhardt get past two defenders and pass the ball to Munoz who equalizes.

Bindernheim comes back with more energy and Munoz hits a powerful shot over the top. Poor rebound management by the local defense and the opposing striker scores 1-2 from offside. Bindernheim is overtaken and the gap in midfield widens, which Haut-Rhin’s strikers exploited to make the score 3-1 (69).H ). Ehrhardt, in great form, tried to reduce the score in vain with two chances saved by the goalkeeper. From a corner kick, Rouge et Noir’s positioning was poor, leaving the opposing centre-forward isolated to make it 4-1 with a brilliant header. Bindenrheim finds himself in last place in the standings.

Zone 2

Portuguese Celestat – Epfig: 1 – 1.

First half: 1-1.

Referee: Mr. Akbouli.

Goals: Attack (38H ) for Celestat; Leininger (31H ) for Epfig.

At the top of the group, coach Henard’s game plan could have made the visitors smile had the referee awarded a penalty kick at the end of the match for a handball inside the penalty area. But the Ibejo team will be satisfied with a deserved draw.

The highly technical Portuguese dominated the match from the beginning, and Nijgemann shot the ball wide of the goal (6H ). Locals enjoy possession, but established visitors leave few spaces. The Vignerons team had the first big opportunity through Kuka (18H ). The visitors find the mistake through Leininger who adjusts a wonderful shot from 20 meters which deceives Metz (inner post). The Portuguese reaction was immediate and 38H The ubiquitous Atac is equivalent.

After the break, the visitors, with the wind in their faces, showed exemplary solidarity and left only a few chances for the men of the Metz-Deutscher duo. But Muller and Atack put pressure on the visitor’s defense, repelling the shock. A quarter of an hour after the end, a controversial move occurs with Machado’s hand. Despite the control of the local population, the Ibegwe retreated and defended the draw point.

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St. Pierre b. Trimbach or V. – Herbsheim: 4 – 0.

First half: 3-0.

Referee: Mr Moyle.

Goals: Camerer (3H ) Ravath (15H ) Gauthier (24H S., Seitz (69H ).

And finally the victory, which True obtained against Red Lantern. St.-Gillois took control of the game single-handedly from the start, having a corner kick taken from the left and Kammerer heading home the winner in the opener. The locals were still in control, and they doubled the lead with Ravath’s shot from deep, which burned the entire defense and beat the goalkeeper with a cross shot from the left side at the entrance to the area. The players of the Ernst-Fonck tandem do not slow down and force their opponents to make many mistakes. After a huge foul in the penalty area, Gauthier successfully converted the penalty kick.

With all three goals upfront, the hosts relaxed somewhat but without Herbsheimuis taking advantage. And Seitz, well served by Ravath, ran up the score to set the final score. Success that now requires confirmation.

The veterans showed the way with a 1-0 win over Molsheim.

Results: Sandhaus-Seniors II: 1-1. U18 – Helsingheim 6-0. Opheim – U15: 1-0. U13 – FC OK 06: 2-1.

Wednesday 5:30pm: Wittisheim-U13.

Elhaeusern II – Ebershim/Sermersheim: 2 – 1.

First half: 0-0.

Referee: Mr. Vestal.

Goals: Colestock (52H ), fils (79H ) for Illhausern; Kempf (83H ) to Ibersheim.

Visitors may be disappointed with this trip to Haute-Rhin, and a draw would have made more sense. Through Claudon the locals tried to find the opening in a compact defense around the Kintz-Krieger duo, but the visitors were unable to really have an impact on the opposition goal. On the 29thH Hoss stumbled into the local goal while Lange’s shot went over the crossbar.

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in 2H In this period, the locals increased their speed and the visitors had difficulty playing on the pitch. The visitors’ loss of the ball in the middle was improved by the locals opening the scoring through Colestock. The visitor’s response came from Kempf, who recovered a through ball, but his shot hit the post. A local corner kick is taken by Wels, which brings the result, but in a mix-up in front of the local goal, Kempf pushes the ball deep. The heated scene at the end of the match favored the visitors as they pushed for an equaliser. Another shot from Kempf was blocked by Tempe, hitting the crossbar. In the process, Lang turns a corner without even realizing it.

All three fell from a height at Scherweiler, and were penalized for stopping play when they were comfortably leading by two goals. The local penalty was final, and Jorgler scored two goals to equalize, and Rausch scored the decisive goal (4-3).

The veterans earned their ticket to the Excellence Group of the Matteo Pascual Challenge, after their victory in Wegersheim (2-1, goals from Pascual and Obrecht). This Friday in the championship and in Ibersheim, the team welcomes Matzenheim at 8 p.m.

Zone 3


0 – 3.

First half: 0-3.

Referee: Mr. Klajmić.

Objectives: Heiligenstein: Poirot (5H 16H ) Weber (9H ).

The meeting began amid strong winds. The visitors would open the scoring from the start through Poirot, who shot into an empty net, taking advantage of a clearance from the local goalkeeper’s loose ball after a back pass.

Heiligenstein doubled the lead a few minutes later with Weber winning his tackle. The locals are completely out of action at the start of the match. After another loss of the ball in a defensive position, Poirot alone deceived Peret and gave the visitors a three-goal lead after a quarter of an hour. Schoenau finally got his head out of the water and created some situations for himself without succeeding in unsettling the visiting goalkeeper.

2H The first half was a bit more in favor of the locals but Heiligenstein manages their lead well. Nothing will be marked on either side anymore.

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