WhatsApp will soon allow messages that have been deleted to be sent after they have been read

After introducing ephemeral messages earlier this year, WhatsApp is about to take things a step further by offering messages that fade right after the recipient reads them. Thus the latter will join single-width images by working in the same way.

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If today WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world, it was before because the app was able to renew itself by regularly incorporating new features — even if that meant overtly taking inspiration from its competitors. That’s how Meta’s subsidiary, Meta, introduced it last August Ephemeral messageswhich automatically erases itself from the conversation after a user-specified period of time. WhatsApp has also improved this feature recentlyto confirm the passage of the previously mentioned rule.

But that’s not the only novelty straight from the Snapchat catalog, because the app also recently allows Send single view photos. Just like its yellow competitor, the concept is to send an image that, once opened by the recipient, automatically disappears from the conversation without the possibility of reviewing it again. Until then, this feature was reserved for photos and other videos, but that’s about to change.

Single View Messages will soon be available on WhatsApp

This is because the latest Android beta of WhatsApp, version, also adds the ability to send single-width messages. As seen in the image below, the option is noticeable by the presence of a small padlock on the send button. When this appears, it means that the user is about to send a single offer message, which will be deleted after reading.

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Just like single view photos and videos, it will not be possible to copy or forward these messages. In the same way, we imagine that it will not be possible to take a screenshot to keep it in the picture. Since the feature is still under development, the button’s appearance and general operation are still subject to some changes. The publication date of the latter is not yet known.

single view whatsapp message
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