Fire at a construction site: Posted live on Facebook before dying

Fire at a construction site: Posted live on Facebook before dying

A construction worker pleaded for help during a Facebook Live before dying in a fire at a construction site in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Family members spoke to local CNN affiliate WSOC.

Demont Sherrill, a 30-year-old father of four, was among the 15 people working on the site.

His mother, Onita Sherrill, says she watched her son’s last moments on Facebook, as he pleaded for help and looked for a safe place.

“I was hoping it would work out, but seeing Facebook first hand and the way the room was filled with smoke, I didn’t have any hope at that point,” she said.

No deaths have been confirmed by the authorities, but the father’s employer has confirmed that his son died in the fire.

“The search process can be long,” the Charlotte Fire Department wrote on Twitter. We cannot confirm any loss of life. This fire has been difficult for our community and firefighters continue to work hard at the scene to find answers.”

More than 90 firefighters worked to rescue the workers.

He said the fire moved quickly with the temperature rising above 2,000 degrees.

Firefighters managed to rescue a crane operator trapped on top of the blaze, which broke out around 9 am.

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