[PHOTOS] These 7 Quebec Travel Stars Make Us Dream!

[PHOTOS] These 7 Quebec Travel Stars Make Us Dream!

We like to follow them when they’re at work, in their private moments, and when they’re off to discover new countries: here are 7 Quebec stars who make us want toElsewhere with their adorable Instagram travel photos.

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Sophie Nilesi in Croatia

Serial actress Yellow jackets I travel a lot. This week, she makes us want to take a dip in the turquoise waters of Croatia with her four Instagram photos. “Before the anchor was caught by a chain and we had no other choice but to cut it,” she wrote. The boat rental guy not very happy with us.

Catherine St. Laurent and Juliette Jocelyn in Denmark

Actresses-turned-models Catherine St Laurent and Juliette Josselin seem to be having a good time parading around the streets of Copenhagen over the past few days. Their images combine fashion, architecture, everyday scenes and gastronomy. It’s hard to be more relatable than these two talented actresses.

Ludivine Reding in Croatia

Just like Sophie Nelis – who also commented on recent photos of Ludivine that “I pinch myself every day to be here” – Sophia translated into STAT Currently in Croatia. Always radiant, we see her in the elegant streets of Hvar and in the company of the actress of the series Lou and Sophie Jade Charbonneau. Shortly before that, Ludivine was in Venice and Piran, Slovenia.

Catherine Brunet in Portugal

Last week, actress Catherine Brunet was photographed sunbathing on the beach in Albufeira, Portugal, in a pink bikini. She also posted a video of her and her friends jumping into the water from a high cliff and a great shot of the sandy cove of Praia do Camilo (and we want to go there now!).

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Bianca Gervais in Italy

We love Bianca Gervais and Sébastien Diaz’s family photos while on vacation in Italy. In the beautiful July program: sun, ice cream, restaurants, Italian evenings, swimming and family picnics.

Mariloupe Wolfe in Morocco

At the beginning of July, actress Mariloupe Wolfe offered her two sons a whole adventure: a trip to Morocco. Great Photo! From the Sahara on camels to its passage in Essaouira, passing through the Toubkal National Park, the snake charmers and architectural wonders of Morocco, his photo album does justice to this exotic country.

Cœur de Pirate at Bas-du-Fleuve in Quebec

You don’t always have to fly by plane to find great places, especially in Quebec. Singer Cœur de Pirate gets this all too well and shares her finds at Bas-du-Fleuve with her Instagram followers. It underlines the beauty of Notre Dame du Portage with its beaches, river, sea breeze and perfect sunsets.

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