Signs that you need to see an allergist

Signs that you need to see an allergist

Climate change, air pollution, genetic predispositions… There are several factors that explain the increase in sensitivity in recent years. “We have 25% of the population with allergic rhinitis and 10% of children with asthma,” says allergist Julien Cotet.

If allergies were so common today, it could be dangerous to underestimate the signs. When certain symptoms become too frequent, a visit to a health professional is necessary. If the symptoms are chronic, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Whoever they are, and therefore an allergist in case of allergy, ”continues Julien Cotet.

Respiratory problems, stuffy, runny and itchy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes with a gritty feeling, could be signs ofAllergic conjunctivitisAnd Often due to environmental allergens. If symptoms return regularly and last more than six weeks: A medical examination is recommended.

Asthma is also affected. “We have to get rid of this idea that an asthma attack is just wheezing. That’s wrong. Most people with asthma do not wheez Many people wheez without developing asthma. Asthma is coughing, coughing at night, coughing during the day, and symptoms on exertion. “Recurring coughs, which come on over time, require a doctor’s expertise, and that is whatever the time of year.

Be careful not to confuse it with viruses

Some people think of making Chronic bronchitis Winter and pick up viruses or bacteria. They are, in fact, real respiratory allergies.

for food allergy, Signs and reactions can be varied and sometimes serious. with a vital diagnosis. In the final episode of “Symptoms,” Julien Cotet recounts the very special case of a patient with “exertion-induced anaphylaxis.” In most cases, if malaise, an asthma attack or edema appear a few minutes after eating, it is necessary to contact a doctor and stop eating the allergenic food.

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Insect bites can also put allergy sufferers at risk. On the other hand, the sting can sometimes cause a skin reaction but is not an allergy. “It can be very hot, and it can even take a joint up or down, but it’s not a sensitivity. This is what the listeners must remember, first of all, the seriousness of the situation must be alerted, and the symptoms present.

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