Everything they don’t tell you about losing weight

Everything they don’t tell you about losing weight

Meg Steer, an actress and speaker from New York, reveals in a TikTok video everything she wished she knew before her massive weight loss.

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The young woman, known by the pseudonym @megmackenzies on TikTok, explains that she went from a size 18 to a size 6 and makes sure to clear things up with her subscribers at the beginning of the video.

“To be absolutely clear, there was no problem with me being a size 18 and there is no problem with me now being a size 6,” she said.

“That’s all I wish I’d known before I lost all that weight,” she continues.

First, Meg claims to be “cool all the time!”

“Losing the weight didn’t solve all of my problems,” says Meg.

The influencer feels nostalgic sometimes. She adds that some days she preferred her body as before.

“People treat you differently,” she says.

“The privilege of being thin is very real; people started to respect me more after I lost weight,” which I found disgusting.

The extra skin and tight feet also came as a surprise to Meg.

Because of the inflammation, she now wears shoes one size smaller.

Furthermore, she argues, this topic monopolizes all conversations, regardless of context, and this is at the expense of “my successful career, my education, or any other information about me.”

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