Screening Grass, a Nation’s Battle for Life by Ernest B. Schoedsack and Merian C. Cooper INHA, Galerie Colbert, Jacqueline Lichtenstein Hall, 9 May 2022, Paris.

Examination of the Grass, A Nation’s Battle for Life by Ernst B. Chudsack and Marian C. Cooper
INHA, Galerie Colbert, Jacqueline Lichtenstein Hall, Monday, May 9 at 6 p.m.
As a preview of the session scheduled for the 2022 Art History Festival, this show was organized in partnership with the National Center for Cinema and Motion Picture, which returned and owned the only French edition of that period. And as part of the MA by Dimitri Vyzyoglu 2 – Seminar entitled “Historical issues of cinematic heritage: programming, publishing and promotion” (Paris 1 University Pantheon-Sorbonne). _Grass, A Nation’s Battle for Life_ is an American documentary film filmed by Ernest B. Chudsak and Marian C. Cooper in 1924 in Iran. The film follows a group of shepherds from the Bakhtiaris tribe in southern Iran, as their flocks are relocated. It is one of the first feature-length documentaries in world cinema. ____ ** About the 11th edition of the Art History Festival ** Conferences, round tables, film screenings, exhibitions, book fairs, student and professional meetings, visits, children’s workshops, concerts … the festival, over 200 events showcasing the wealth of visual arts of all ages. In its eleventh edition, the Art History Festival will honor Portugal and will have the theme of animals. As every year, the festival will be the wonderful meeting place of art history for the general public, hobbyists, professionals and students, who will be able to share the passions and questions that drive them. More than ever, art history is for everyone because it provides keys to understanding the world and society. This year, in response to the invasion of Ukraine, while maintaining the planned programs on the topic and the guest country, a series of four round tables dedicated to the history of art and heritage of Ukraine will be set. On Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June, in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The place of animals in art, at all times and in all cultures, will be the unifying theme of this edition. With historians, art historians, philosophers, anthropologists and artists, the festival will be an opportunity to explore the history of animal representation in images and human creations, in a more vivid way because it will draw on the wonderful animals that the Château de Fontainebleau hides. It will also discuss how to renew our understanding of art, past and present, through current major issues of human and animal coexistence or animal welfare. Artists Adel Abdessamad and Barthelemy Togo, art historians Caroline van Eyck, Cécile Froment, Estelle Zong Mingoal, historian Michel Pastorio, anthropologists Philippe Charlier and Jean-Loic Le Quélic and many other festival guests will question what changes affect our relationship with neighborhoods and what the role of images might seem It’s a new alliance. In this eleventh edition, the festival honors Portugal and will focus on the history of art in this country, from prehistoric times to contemporary times. More than sixty Portuguese-speaking guests will attend to show the spread of the visual arts in this country with which France has great kinship and ignorance. This year, the festival will open with a dialogue between two of today’s greatest Portuguese innovators – Eduardo Souto de Moura – the 2011 Pritzker Prize-winning architect – and Pedro Cabreta Reis – a sculptor who often exhibits in France. ** Scientific Director ** Veerle Thielemans (INHA)

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Preliminary performances of the Art History Festival

INHA, Galerie Colbert, Jacqueline Lichtenstein Hall 2 Rue Vivien Paris, Paris

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