Four people died after being swept away by sea water in Spain

Four people died after being swept away by sea water in Spain

On Thursday, four people died and were swept away by sea waters on the northwestern and northeastern coasts of Spain, as a result of strong winds and waves several meters high.

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A statement issued by the emergency service in Asturias, a region located in the northwest of the country, where waves reached seven meters high, according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency, said: “Two people died after falling into the sea in Morros del Nalón and Cudiero.”

Firefighters lifted the “lifeless body of a man” that fell from a dam in Moros del Nalon to a helicopter. They were warned in the early afternoon that “someone had just fallen overboard.”

Meanwhile, emergency services were called because a woman fell in Cudiero Harbour, with her body “striking on the rocks”.

“She was rescued by a boat that returned her to the port, while the woman was unconscious.” Rescuers tried to revive her for an hour, but she died.

Shortly after noon, a 16-year-old Moroccan minor fell into the water on Tarragona Beach on the Catalan coast (northeast), according to what the Civil Guard reported.

A 32-year-old German passing by then jumped into the water to try to help him, and the Civil Guard followed, but they both drowned.

On Thursday, the Spanish Meteorological Agency issued an orange alert for the northwestern coasts to warn of dangerous seas.

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