Japanese sci-fi anime Tengoku-Daimakyo is coming to Disney+.

The Japanese science fiction anime Tengoku-Daimakyo, based on the popular manga by Masako Ishiguro, arrives on Saturday, April 1 in France. It will air one episode per week exclusively on Disney+.

Kono Manga ga sugoi Award Winner! In 2019, the annual manga reference compilation published by Takarajimasha Publishing House, “Tengoku-Daimakyo” by Masako Ishiguro has been published in Japan since 2018. In France, it is presented by Pika Edition under the name “A Journey Beyond Heaven”.

Tengoku-Daimakyo propels us into a dystopian future after the world has collapsed in an unprecedented cataclysm. Since this civilizational collapse, vile monsters have been roaming a devastated Japan, where the survivors gather to try to return to normal life. Kiriko accepts the woman’s last wish: she must take the boy named Maru to Heaven. Maru is convinced that there he will find a boy who looks like him.

Produced by Studio IG Productions (Haikyu!!, Psycho-Pass), Tengoku-Daimakyo is directed by Hirotaka Mori (Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale) and written by MakotoFukami (Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall). Yuji Kaneko (Kill la Kill, Trigun Stampede) is in charge of art direction for the Japanese animation while Utsushita (Minakata Laboratory) is responsible for character design and Kensuke Ushio (Sawman) for music.

GenSatô voices Maru in the original version, and Sayaka Sembongi voices Kiruko.

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