Science fiction to study the evolution of action

Science fiction to study the evolution of action

Explore the industrial work of tomorrow through a sci-fi experience. This is what brings together the Viveres project, led by the University of Lorraine, researchers in the technical and human sciences and literary representatives. The project was officially launched on Wednesday 15 March at the Center Pompidou-Metz.

Benjamin Milkoff.
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Cobot promises to connect robot and operator in small and medium chain industrial production. Lightweight and easily adaptable, They are programmed by the workers themselves without the need for any specific skills. For some, this is done by imitation: the worker makes a movement and the robot is able to reproduce it symmetrically on the following parts.

This promise of cooperation raises the question of what future forms of work mean for workers. To what extent will they be replaced by robot huts? On the contrary, will it allow them to consolidate their knowledge and focus on certain tasks?

To respond to this, the University of Lorraine launched an original initiative. Combine science fiction writing workshops with case studies conducted by researchers in the technical and human sciences. Called Viveres, this project will involve various representatives from companies that use cobots in writing workshops.

“step down”

For Jean-François Stitch, who will moderate these workshops, “Science fiction deals more with the present than with the future, feeding on our fears and desires. This is exactly what exploration through writing is about. Investigating the potential effects of these cobots on workers and employers.” He explains. Sebastien Borachino, Viveres Project Manager, said, “This is a future study, and science fiction allows us to take a stimulating step aside.”

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