She was declared dead twice: a crematorium employee found her alive

She was declared dead twice: a crematorium employee found her alive

A crematorium worker in Brazil had the surprise of his life when he discovered that a 90-year-old woman he had picked up from the hospital morgue was still alive.

The death of Norma Silveira da Silva was announced a few hours ago.

His body was placed in a body bag before being sent to the morgue.

Jessica Martinez Silvi Pereira, a friend who cared for the pre-teen, told local media that M.I Da Silva was taken to hospital in critical condition. The latter was suffering from liver problems and was unconscious upon her arrival. She was pronounced dead the same evening.

The patient’s death certificate, which was completed at 11:40 p.m. Saturday, indicated that the woman died of a “urinary tract infection.” She was then sent to the morgue before her loved ones could see her.

A crematorium employee came to receive the body at about 1:30 a.m. The latter opened the body bag and noticed that the body was unusually warm and showed no signs of rigor mortis.

“When he opened the bag, she was still breathing,” M explained.I The underage girl was left in a body bag for about two hours, which “almost killed her,” Pereira added.

The 90-year-old woman was declared dead for the second time. Her new certificate, issued at 5 a.m., said she died of “septic shock.”

The woman’s family plans to sue the hospital.

“This is the kind of neglect I would not wish on anyone,” Jessica Martinez-Sylvie Pereira said.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health launched an investigation to shed light on the incident.

According to information received from New York Post

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