Russian missile on Poland: The Russian ambassador ignores official summons

Russian missile on Poland: The Russian ambassador ignores official summons

On Monday, the Russian ambassador to Poland ignored the official summons following the violation of Polish airspace by a Russian missile, considering it “ridiculous” to discuss the matter due to the lack of “evidence.”

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The Polish army warned on Sunday that a Russian cruise missile fired at towns in western Ukraine violated Polish airspace for about forty seconds, stressing that army personnel's radars detected the projectile throughout the flight.

“Sergei Andreev did not appear today at the Foreign Ministry headquarters to explain the incident of the Russian cruise missile that violated Polish airspace on March 24,” ministry spokesman Pawel Ronski announced to the press.

“We wonder whether the ambassador (sic) is following the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow and whether he is able to properly represent the interests of the Russian Federation in Warsaw,” Ronski said.

Emphasizing that the diplomatic memorandum demanding these clarifications “will be transmitted to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through another channel.”

When asked about the reasons for his absence, Mr. Andreev told Russian state agency RIA Novosti that he “did not receive a clear answer” to his question of whether Poland “intends to provide us with evidence of these allegations.”

He explained: “I considered it absurd to discuss this topic without providing evidence and refused to go to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

According to him, Moscow is still waiting for Polish evidence regarding “the fact that an alleged Russian cruise missile entered Polish airspace on December 29 last year.”

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Poland announced in December that a Russian missile entered its airspace before leaving a few minutes later, heading towards Ukraine.

A year earlier, in December 2022, another Russian Kh-55 cruise missile, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, crashed in Poland, but its remains were only found in April 2023 by a passerby in a forest. Near Bydgoszcz, in the north, about 500 km away. Kilometers from the eastern border of this NATO member state.

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