In Portugal, Marine Le Pen is clinging to her European alliances

In Portugal, Marine Le Pen is clinging to her European alliances

HShe repeats this as if she is trying to better convince herself that the upcoming European elections will be a tidal wave. “June 9 will be a historic date, the date of the people’s victory,” Marine Le Pen said on Friday, November 24, about 2,000 kilometers from Paris. Among the ancient stones of a monastery from the 15th centuryH In the twentieth century, on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, populists from the European Parliamentary Group on Identity and Democracy (ID), from the Germans in the AfD to the Flemish in the Vlaams Belang, including the Czechs in the Social Democratic Party, took one stage after another. The other to support their ally: the local theater Chiga and its leader Andre Ventura.
Within three years, this nationalist movement saw its results multiply tenfold. Until it became the third power in the country. Opinion polls promise him 17…

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