Britain’s exit from the European Union: Portugal accelerates the entry of the British into its territory

Britain’s exit from the European Union: Portugal accelerates the entry of the British into its territory

It is a strategic decision, to say the least, that Portugal has just made by accelerating the entry of the British into its territory, he explains daily Mail. By allowing citizens to pass through the border gates with Passports Electronic devices, Portugal thus became the first country in the European Union, since Brexit, to move in this direction. Because after Brexit, the UK became a “third country”, and the British could no longer access the electronic gates and had to go and “manually” check their passports, which was a real waste of time for them.

For Portugal, this decision can be likened to trying to attract more tourists and assert itself in light of the summer against countries like Spain, Italy or Greece whose border restrictions are still in place. The British Highways are already effective in many Portuguese cities, such as Lisbon, Porto, Funchal (Madeira) or Faro. The head of the Portuguese Tourist Office made no secret of it: he is “helping our precious British tourists”.

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Domino effect?

According to the Daily Mail, at the start of the year, the Brits overwhelmingly favored Portugal, booking no less than 484,000 overnight stays in just two months. With the summer season approaching, will Portugal be the big winner? It may be so, but according to Paul Charles of PC Travel Agency, it could also cause a “domino effect” on other southern European countries. Travelers “will realize that they will face longer waiting times,” he adds, notably citing Spain, Italy and even France.

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to me MirrorToday, the British can also borrow these portals in other countries outside Europe, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. At the same time, the British will not have to wear a mask in Portugal, after the country ended its obligations at home. Tourism seems to be experiencing a new momentum.

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