Blind people regain their sight by transplanting pig skin cells

According to scientists, this innovation could be within the reach of as many people as possible.

a artificial cornea It was created from pig cells. This innovation allowed 20 patients with ocular degeneration to see again, concludes a study from Linköping University in Sweden and published Thursday, August 11 in the journal Nature. Biotechnology.

These people were treated in India and Iran. They had keratoconus (a deformation of the cornea that gradually weakens), and 14 of them had already lost their sight.

Cornea: an inexpensive transplant

Of those twenty people who had regained their sight, three of them had perfect vision. While this is not the first in terms of Illegal earning Cornea is that the implants are made of pig skin cells.

double interest? Raw materials are readily available. Mehrdad Raafat, co-author of the study findings, summarizes:

We have done our best to ensure that our invention is widely available and affordable to everyone, not just the wealthy. That is why this technology can be used anywhere in the world.

Minimally invasive operation

Neil Lagalle, professor of experimental ophthalmology at Linköping University, explains that a patient’s tissue does not need to be removed. The implant finds its place after a small incision and insertion.

Only, if the promise of an equally minimally invasive procedure can make it possible to dream of changing the lives of millions of people worldwide who suffer from it, larger trials must be conducted before any commercialization.

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