RTL Today – Portuguese from Luxembourg: Isabel Alves: “It finally allowed me to understand man”

RTL Today – Portuguese from Luxembourg: Isabel Alves: “It finally allowed me to understand man”

This series pays homage to Luxembourg’s Portuguese in all their diversity. They confide in their paradoxical relationship between two cultures: the origin, the Portuguese, and the culture of adoption, the Luxembourgish.

Driven by a taste for adventure and travel, at nineteen Isabel Alves He decides to leave his native country, Portugal, to settle in Luxembourg. Isabelle alone arrived in the Grand Duchy, full of hope and desire to discover new horizons. But the girl quickly became disillusioned: her first job in a cafe did not satisfy her, and her first experience as a cleaner in a cleaning company went badly,Show me the cruelty of people“.

Isabelle is not the type to give up and is full of resilience. She does not weaken. She wants to give Luxembourg a chance. Despite the first language barriers, You learn French alone It thrives most within the family. The family I’ve worked for as a housekeeper for 27 years now.

Isabel Alves is proud of her work. As for her various occupation categories, such as “surface technician” or “cleaner”, she believes that beautifying the title is useless. “Maid” fits her; For her, changing the name of the trade will not change the perception and attitude it arouses.

Many people think that we are less intelligent because we are janitorsDisparaging remarks about her job, Isabel has suffered on numerous occasions. Philosopher, his strength:It allowed me to finally understand man“.

I have adopted Luxembourg, and I hope Luxembourg will also adopt me“. Isabelle fell in love with the Grand Duchess, she tells us, thanks in large part to her passion for long walks around the country. Villages, towns, nature…Isabel has explored its many corners”heart country“.

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“Portuguese Luxembourg” is broadcast every Saturday, only on RTL 5minutes and Replay it on RTL Play.

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