Ron. From Johnny Symphony to Aldebert, the concerts to watch this week

Ron.  From Johnny Symphony to Aldebert, the concerts to watch this week

Voice of Johnny with arrangement by Evan Kassar, choir and symphony orchestra. It’s Tuesday at La Halle, a nostalgic sequence for Taulier fans. At the end of the week at this same stage we find the Infantillas Aldebert, whose jokes and melodies bring together young and old. For three days, Stefan Escher’s fans will be in Radiant, while Tiago Rodriguès will stage his play Antoine and Cleopatra and the Emile Londonien trio will rock Ninkasi …

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Johnny Symphonic at Halle Tony-Garnier in Lyon 7

“Johnny Symphonic” is a performance in which a symphony orchestra and choir of 100 musicians play a rock repertoire, accompanied by a recording of Johnny Hallyday’s voice. A program of 23 songs, on four giant screens, often broadcasting unreleased images, under the direction of Evan Kassar, the conductor has been the innkeeper’s musical director for 15 years.

“Johnny’s problem was that he was good all around. He loved big orchestras and big productions, but when he sang a song alone with his guitar, it was a great song. The only thing was he was shy, he preferred to go on stage with a lot of musicians,” he explained to us. Ivan Cassar last September.

Tuesday April 4th at 8 pm at Halle Tony Garnier, Place Mérieux, Lyon 7. Prices 40/85 €


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Émile Londonien and Léon Phal at Ninkasi in Lyon 7

Emile Londonian is a trio made up of drummer Mateo Drago (co-founder of the musicians, DJs and videographers group Omezys), keyboardist Niels Boeny and guitarist Theo Tretsch. Three musicians trained at the Strasbourg Conservatory then nurtured the nightclub culture.

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Before Strasbourg’s performance on June 29 at the Minoe de Jazz Club in Vienne, Strasbourg’s presented their first album “Legacy” at Ninkasi de Gerland with jazz with UK-made groove, broken rhythm, hip-hop and house.
There will be Léon Phal, the ultra-modern saxophonist of the new generation of French jazz who took part in the recording.

This Tuesday, at 8:30 p.m., Ninkasi Girlland. free entry.


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Stefan Escher, in Radiant-Bellevue Monday night. Photo by Celik Erkul

Stephan Eicher, Three Evenings at Caluire-et-Cuire in Radiant-Bellevue

Sixteen albums and a forty-year career, it has achieved both public and critical success. His songs like “Déjeuner en paix” or “Ni remorses ni regrets” brought him into the club of greats of French song. Stefan Escher follows a unique path. In recent years we have seen him on stage with instrumentals or a brass band, moving from rock to pop, from film music to literary concerts…

Monday April 3rd, Tuesday April 4th and Wednesday April 5th at 8:30pm at Radiant-Bellevue, 1 rue Jean-Moulin, Caluire-et-Cuire. 42 euros.


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Aldebert on two stages in Halle in Lyon 7

Aldebert’s audience never tired of “Enfantillages”. This is his fourth version, and the singer from Besançon played it through hundreds of stops. Naive, pseudo-stories, mixing poetry with sharpness, frankness and information, just as songs exchange lovable melodies and loud rhythms … The singer returned to Lyon for two concerts on the same day, at Halle Tony-Garnier.

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Saturday April 8th, at 4 pm and 8 pm at Halle Tony Garnier, Place Mérieux, Lyon 7. Prices from 25 to 49 euros.

Thiago Rodriguez at the Croix-Rousse Theatre

The new director of the Avignon Festival, Thiago Rodriguez, is certainly a must-see in our gathering stages. After TNP and Célestins earlier in the season, the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse greeted him this week with his run of Antoine et Cléopâtre.

He completely rewrites the great tragedy that William Shakespeare had envisioned from the historical love story between the Queen of Egypt and the Roman general. Tiago Rodriguès presents an epic and contemporary poem, translated, danced and played by the young Portuguese actors, Sofia Dias and Vitor Rorez. Their lyrics intertwine with a sensuality that only the fervor of love can breathe. An elegant love poem.

From April 4 to 7 at the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse. Joannes-Ambre place. Lions 4. 04 72 07 49 49

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