Rolling Stone Leap No. 137: Struts

Rolling Stone Leap No. 137: Struts

The new weekly Rolling Stone magazine is here! On the cover find our interview with Luke Spiller, frontman of The Struts, who explains it all Wickedly beautiful, their new full-length album. Another meeting with Paul Pearson, a French blues musician who has served the cause for half a century. Let’s stay in France with Lyon duo After Geography, who are releasing a new EP titled Caramel room. As for this week’s record, the editorial team looked at the Celtic Social Club’s new live performance, which commemorates their last appearance at Vieilles Charrues. Let’s stay on the side of the stage with our live report on the latest appearance of the Queens of the Stone Age at the Accor Arena (Paris). The day before the 105th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918, the editorial board reached out to Swedish metal band Sabaton, which is supporting historical museums with a film centered around World War I.

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Summary of Hebdo No. 137 – 10/11/2023 – Available now!

  • Advantage: Provide us with supports very evil, The last of them Album
  • issue : Sabaton Celebrates the November 11 truce

  • Disc of the week: Celtic Social Club

  • Interviews: After geography And Paul nobody

  • Direct report: Queens of the Stone Age At Accor Arena

  • Movie theater: Simple like Silvain By Monia Shukri

  • Also: shoe shiners, Beirut, Chartreuse, Tribute to the Strokes And #ReadingFriday

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