There is no Indiana Jones on PS5, the game is an Xbox, PC and Game Pass exclusive! | Xbox One

There is no Indiana Jones on PS5, the game is an Xbox, PC and Game Pass exclusive!  |  Xbox One

Until today, no platform has been announced for the release of the Indiana Jones game, about which we still know very little. But as part of the case between the FTC and Microsoft, the latter has confirmed that the game will be an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Another Xbox exclusive from Bethesda

After Redfall and then Starfield at the start of the school year, Bethesda has officially unveiled a new Xbox and PC exclusive with Indiana Jones.

Developed by Machine Games, Indiana Jones takes place in January 2021 via a very short video. Ultimately, nothing is known about the game, except that according to Todd Howard, the game’s executive producer, the title is a love letter to the popular series.

“I would just say it’s a mix. It’s a unique game, it’s not one thing on purpose, so it does a lot of different things.

It’s a true love letter to Indiana Jones.”

As part of the ongoing hearings between Microsoft and the FTC, Pete Hines, chief release officer at Bethesda, released the piece. Yes, Indiana Jones is indeed an Xbox and PC exclusive, and it will be released directly into Xbox Game Pass.

Specifically, FTC attorneys revealed that Disney had a contract for multiple consoles, and the deal was changed after Microsoft acquired Bethesda to only include Xbox consoles.

According to Pete Hines, concentrating on developing the game on a single console would save development time, though its licensee, Lucasfilm, would certainly have plenty of comments and feedback to get the game to stick to the films.

This past March, we learned from Arkane that Redfall was also planned for PS5 before Microsoft’s takeover of Bethesda.

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