Football: Why you shouldn’t miss the All Stars game on Saturday at Gond

Football: Why you shouldn’t miss the All Stars game on Saturday at Gond

IThe best Division 1 players take on the Division 2 players. This is the poster for the All-Star Game, on Saturday (5pm), at Gallia Stadium, in John Pontoover. Four reasons not to miss this festive fixture to end the season in style.

1. Guaranteed Offer!

The match between the D1 and D2 selections is to be spectacular because it will bring together 32 players among those who have collected the most stars in the challenge of the same name (1).

32 players were selected.

CL infographic

Since the start of the season, 36 D1 and D2 coaches have named the best player on the team they faced after each day of the tournament. The latter collects a star in the general classification and applies for the weekend team.

Since coaches often prefer attacking players, it makes sense to find two formations head-to-head with a profile that goes resolutely attacking with the best players in the area.

2. Great diversity of teams

The way the stars are named—one for each team and each day—leads to great diversity in the teams represented on Saturday. Eleven teams from D1 and 14 from D2 will have one or two players on the turf on the legendary course at the Edge of Tovey.

More than just a match between the 32 best players from both divisions, which would have over-represented the best teams, it is a real celebratory match that will oppose the nuggets of each formation.

Even teams that had a tough season managed to put players up for selection. Thus, the Portuguese from Gond, who has been relegated to D2, will be represented by two defenders. Chateauneuf and Mansley, who could not avoid going down to D3, will also have their own envoy.

The match will be managed by Yann Theradi and assisted by Jerome Lamode and Pierre Veit.

3. Selection of breeders

Two famous coaches have agreed to coach the selections: Frédéric Clement (Motheren) in D1 and Ludovic Nanglard (Linars) for D2.

The coaches were selected as the best coach in D1 and D2 by 1,542 CL readers. Frederick Clement, 4H From D1 at the helm of Mouthiers, he received 24% of the vote. He is ahead of Champs-European coach Alex Jolly (20%), and Basso coach Eric Jolly (11%).

Ludovic Nanglard, who achieved the triple championship, Charente Cup and Champion’s League with Linars, received 24% of the vote. He finished ahead of Bel Air coach Yedali Sakho (21%) and Chassenouil coach Mohamed Asherki (20%).

4. Admission is free and humorous

This all-star game is intended to be a great celebration to close out the season and honor the players of the region. Admission to Gallia Stadium will be free and open to all.

At halftime, the twelve winners of the scorers’ challenge will be honored. We will find Babou Dawara (Soyaaux, 20 goals), Melvyn Desvaux (Calliance 3B, 17 goals), Vincent da Silva (Ruffick, 16 goals), Louis Faure (Vendel, 16 goals), Alexis Le Joffre (La Coronet, 30 goals). ), Alexandre Bellaire (Saint-Michel, 16 goals), Kangni Kbodar (Mothers, 15 goals), Karim Houmadi (Linars, 31 goals), Maxime Meunier (Jarnac (m), 19 goals), Miguel Dedan (Linars, 19 goals) . ), Julien Lacambra (Saint-Severin / Pallud, 19 goals) and Amelie Meniere (Saint-Michel, 16 goals).

The game will start at five in the evening.

The game will start at five in the evening.

CL infographic

At the end of the match, Saint-Brisse midfielder Mohamed Kanté (10 stars) will receive the Challenge des Étoiles trophy. His four chasers – Thibaut Ramos (Verdel), Alexis Le Gouvre (La Couronne), Ludovic Schneider (Mansell) and Paul Hazard (Nersac) – will be rewarded for 2H place (nine stars).

Portuguese club Gond, the team staying at the Gallia Stadium, will offer a refreshment bar and catering service. For those who cannot travel, the match will be broadcast live on the CL website.

(1) The selection takes into account the balance of positions and a few fixed rates (injury, work, etc.).

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