Pinball FX, the king of pinball simulations, is coming soon to Xbox

Pinball FX, the king of pinball simulations, is coming soon to Xbox

PinballFX Coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S next February with over 80 tables, improved graphics, and improved physics. The Zen Studios license has always had many extensions on loops and this version will be no exception.

Let’s discover the packaging together Pinball gearbox You will have it figured out on Gearbox Entertainment Studio Licenses.

Borderlands: Vault Hunter Pinball:

Welcome, Vault Hunter, to the loot and jackpot pinball game! Armed with your trusty Silver Ball, take on fearsome psychopaths, squatters, and bosses as you make your way across Pandora!

Homeworld: Journey to Hiigara Pinball:

The critically acclaimed classic strategy game, now in pinball form! Use your skills to strategize, build your fleet, and complete missions. Compete in massive space battles and command your fleet wisely while winning prizes and high score!

Brothers in Arms: Win the War Pins:

Stay close to your brothers as you complete quests and liberate cities in the Netherlands – now armed with the Silver Ball and your skills. Help SSgt Matthew Baker and the 101st Airborne with day and night missions and claim your spot on the leaderboards.

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This pack will be available for purchase from launch PinballFX But it is also included in the Pinball Pass which bundles several extensions to the game.

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