Quickly install this new version to patch security vulnerabilities

Quickly install this new version to patch security vulnerabilities

Google has just released a new version of its Chrome web browser urgently to close several security vulnerabilities. Important update, to install without delay, as always!

Once again, Google has just released an urgent security update for Chrome. In fact, even if it is the subject of constant development and improvements, the famous web browser of the American giant does not escape the problems of all software, and in particular the famous flaws, these “small defects” that escape the vigilance of the developers, and which are discovered after the fact by more experts. Attention. Some of these vulnerabilities are more serious than others, and require a rapid response due to the risks they pose to users. That's the case again this time, as several breaches have been identified, including two classified as zero-day, which have already been exploited by hackers. For this reason, Google has been releasing security update for Chrome version 123 for PC since March 26, 2024, with several variants: 123.0.6312.86 on Windows and Linux, and 123.0.6312.87 on macOS.

Chrome update 123: 7 security fixes

in His newsletter was published on his blogGoogle says it has integrated seven fixes in total, many of which were discovered by researchers outside the company. The editor provides all the details about the filled defects Private page, examining these breaches using always poetic references (CVE-2024-2886, CVE-2024-2887, CVE-2024-2883, etc.) is of interest only to knowledgeable experts. As always, Google does not provide any technical details about the identified flaws, so as not to give ideas to hackers who are tempted to exploit them before as many users as possible install the patch update. “Access to bug details and links may be restricted until the majority of users are updated with a fix. We will also maintain restrictions if the bug is located in a third-party library that also relies on other projects, but has not yet been patched.”the publisher specifies in its notice bulletin.

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It does not matter the exact nature of the errors, the main thing is to detect and correct them quickly. As always, Google recommends installing the new version now, which will anyway be rolled out automatically in the coming days and weeks. Advice that is best followed without delay! Although downloading and installing updates in Chrome happens automatically, it is recommended to force them immediately (see below) to avoid any risks. Because, as we noted, the fix has not yet been introduced automatically at the end of November.

Updating Chrome on your computer is very simple.

► Open Chrome, and click The three small vertical dots, in the banner at the top right. In the list that appears, hover over it Helpsat the bottom, to publish a submenu, and then click About Chrome.

► A new tab opens in the active window. Chrome will automatically check for an update. If it finds a new version, it clearly indicates it in a message and downloads it immediately. Click on the button Reboot To close the browser, apply the update, and restart Chrome.

► After updating, make sure that the installed version number matches one of the numbers indicated earlier in this article. Above all, do not hesitate to come and regularly check the availability of updated menus which are not always reported automatically.

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