Ott Tänak-M-Sport Association in Sardinia test

Ott Tänak-M-Sport Association in Sardinia test

The middle of the season is approaching and Ott Tanak retains all his chances in the championship. mode 2H 17 points behind Kali Rovanpera, it appears to be Finland’s main rival. Having reached the finish line in all the races contested so far, the Estonian has two podium finishes, including a win. Despite the results not being dramatic, his notes at the end of the SS were always negative. This is about his car which is not the way he would like it to be, his feelings which are never good, his lack of sophistication… Malcolm Wilson knew that his first place in Sweden was above all the work of the Baltic duo, but subsequent ratings showed that the Puma Hybrid is not as bad as Explained in the knight’s comments. The latter, however, gave a class to Portugal. ” I can’t be happy, there’s so much to doHe decided. This is mainly about performance. There are many things that combine to influence behavior. Before Sardinia, time will be short and I have no idea what we can improve. We have to try and I think we will make progress. The problem is whether this will be enough. Ott has a very special way of working. He just never looks satisfied, even when he wins a stage or finishes on the podium. It’s undoubtedly his way of keeping pressure on the technical team at M-Sport, but ultimately it also gives off the image of someone who complains all the time. After 5 races, his record is clear. ” to PortugalConcludes , I felt the same impression as I had in Croatia. The level of competition is high and we are about a year behind where we should be. They seem (M-Sport editor’s note) lost a year. So we have a lot to do in a very short time. »

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By virtue of being so questioned, how could M-Sport react? In Portugal, Richard Milner provided his analysis. ” We have about 15 people trying to figure out how the Ott feels in the car.explains the team manager. In Portugal, he apparently had the same problems he had in Mexico during the second rounds. What was clear was that he wasn’t happy with the comment. It’s an area where we can step in and work like crazy in every one of our sessions, but repeating what we’re going to run into in racing is always tough. With regard to Portugal specifically, Milner is of the opinion that the rally track played a major role in motivating his driver. ” After two holes, Ott found himself in no man’s landConfirms. That’s how it is It’s hard to know which setting to use. If he had been in combat, I’m sure his mind would have been focused mostly on the battle and not the settings, although that still counts. On the matter of stern Estonian rhetoric, Milner smooths things over. The OTT you see in the race is not necessarily the same as the OTT you can see outsideConfirms. He is definitely competitive and pushes the team. All he cares about is winning and it’s not easy to have a conversation with him during an event. Even if he refuses to go against the first-place finisher’s words, the Englishman has a different analysis of this first part of the season. Ott value is always 2H of the Championship and if you look closely, the Rally1 three are closeDefending himself. Cars are having mechanical problems and drivers are looking for the best settings. I don’t think a team has taken the lead. The competition is very tight and as soon as the speed drops, you lose positions. On the other hand, if you can get everything together in a race, there is a good outcome at the end. It is not certain that such a conclusion will please Ott Tanak who will once again demand a lot from his horse this week on the Sardinian roads in order to preserve his title chances.

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