Notre Dame de Neiges cemetery workers continue to strike

Notre Dame de Neiges cemetery workers continue to strike

In a private public meeting on Thursday, the workers of the Notre Dame de Neige cemetery office as well as their colleagues in charge of maintenance rejected the conciliator’s recommendation and the proposed return-to-work protocol. So the members of the two unions decided to continue the strike they had been leading for several months.

Negotiating committees presented them with collective bargaining proposals and conditions for returning to work, but the members deemed these recommendations “too many caveats and unsatisfactory.”

“What the members saw in the presentations was that the employer wanted us to back off almost everywhere. What shocks us deeply about the attitude of the bosses is the lack of recognition for our work that they show by making such a disappointing return to work protocol. It is disrespectful. We were losing in Many solid achievements. I have confidence in our members, they made the right decision,” says the head of the Cemetery Maintenance Officers Union, Patrick Chartrand.

On strike since September 20, the union of employees of the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges-CSN cemetery has 17 members without a collective agreement since 2018. For its part, the union of the cemetery Notre-Dame-des-Neiges-CSN, which is in charge of maintenance, includes nearly 90 members have been on strike since Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Because of the labor dispute, many families of the deceased deplored the delay in burying their loved ones.

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