Quebec School, an anthill of prejudices!

Quebec School, an anthill of prejudices!

Back to school is the time to talk about school. At the time, we believed that education was the priority in Quebec.

However, most commentators are skeptical that this is a primary concern of the CAQ government.

In fact, back-to-school news usually revolves around everything that isn’t working and everyone’s magic potion. Even the minister succumbs to extravagance!


The staffing shortage is very real, though not quite as dramatic as the numbers presented in recent days. Figures obtained before the recruitment period!

The minister attributed the employment difficulties to the lack of flexibility in assignment, and stressed the need to amend the employment contract. This is completely wrong! Employment is the sole responsibility of the employer. However, it delays doing so when it is possible to move forward more quickly.

Many are convinced that difficult classes are left to young teachers. Above all, you should know that regular classes are almost too difficult, both for old and new teachers.

Others believe that too much emphasis has been placed on pedagogy rather than disciplinary knowledge for the recruitment of teachers, thus depriving ourselves of thousands of candidates. Rather, it is the lack of prestige and conditions for the practice of the teaching profession that leads to the alienation and alienation of interesting candidates.

an effort

The school is accused of declining. However, classes of the best students are excluded in favor of private schools and selective individual projects.

Students are intentionally excluded from the field of educational success. We’ll make people think we’re not asking enough of them when they need specialized services instead.

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The Quebec School requests treatment, but the treatment being applied only makes the disease worse!

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