Prosecution: A gynecologist is accused of impregnating his patient with his sperm

Prosecution: A gynecologist is accused of impregnating his patient with his sperm

A 60-year-old Idaho woman has decided to sue her gynecologist who allegedly impregnated her 34 years ago using his own sperm, instead of taking sperm from an anonymous donor as was planned.

“[Le gynécologue] “Plaintiff Sharon told Hayes that he would obtain genetic material from anonymous donors such as college and/or medical students who physically resembled Hayes’ husband at the time,” states the lawsuit filed in Spokane County and reported by Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

The woman, now 67, decided to sue her former gynecologist, Dr. David R. Claypool, 81, whom she accuses of impregnating her with his sperm without her knowledge, 34 years ago.

It was only last year that she discovered the Rose Bowl, when her daughter, Brianna Hayes, took a DNA test to try to explain some health problems that were “not common in the family.” [sa] The mother,” she told the Associated Press, according to the New York Post.

Over a six-month period in 1986, a gynecologist allegedly charged a woman $100 for each insemination, and her semen sample usually came from a pool of anonymous candidates who had genetic traits, such as eye and breast color. Her husband, according to Fox News.

In addition, the prosecution explained that the gynecologist’s features differed significantly from his request, as specified by the American media.

The woman is now accusing the octogenarian man of fraud and not obtaining her consent to perform the operation, and she even said that she felt like a “scientific experiment” when she learned the truth.

The 60-year-old claims in passing that the gynecologist would have violated the Consumer Protection Act by taking “money for his own sperm while claiming it was donor sperm,” the lawsuit claims. For Fox News.

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