Between the forgotten conclusion and the possible

Fernando Santos came, Thursday, to reveal his list to receive Turkey, before playing in a possible final of the qualifiers in the event of victory. The absence of some players was talked about, and the Portugal coach was once again booed.

It is not important to talk about the presence or absence of such and such a player. Yeah. Contrary to what the expression says, absentees are not always wrong. This summons is no exception. Once again, Fernando Santos’ question choices go beyond. Let’s talk about it.

Did William Carvalho prefer Vitina?

One is a regular player in Seleção, and the other is one of the top potential players in Portuguese football. The first was chosen, and the second was excluded, much to the dismay of the Lusitanites almost unanimously. If Vitinha is not present, it is imperative that the player has taken the place he promised. Looking at the list of summons, the culprit is quickly targeted: William Carvalho. However, Sevillian’s arrest in protest of Vitor Ferreira’s absence is meaningless. William deserves his place. It is true that the Euro, which he received last June, does not plead in his favour, but draws a line under the many good and loyal services he has provided for nearly 10 years, while certainly achieving his best season since arriving in Andalusia, noticing dishonesty, or ignorance. But this is nothing new. The “Tractor‘, as some like to call him, has always had this unpopular label. Among his top 69 picks, he is often singled out for intricate moments, Despite the fact that he’s one of the few who’s always on the level. So, instead of making William Carvalho a scapegoat, wouldn’t it be wiser to talk, for example, about the fact that the coach called up 5 defensive players?

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Ricardo Horta, what’s the problem?

He’s certainly going through the best period of his career, scoring 19 goals and providing 8 assists this season (CCT), but that’s still not enough. This time around, Ricardo Horta’s absence is considered an injustice. As the entire Racing Club de Lens celebrates Jonathan Klaus’ first call-up to the French teamThe citizen of Subrida is still scorned. In a needy group, his return was a breath of fresh air, and a manifestation of renewal. But again, Fernando Santos came to send a negative signal to those who could claim to be called up, preferring some players over others, not for their level, but rather their name. In the game of competition, which is supposed to take precedence over everything else, Ricardo Horta was supposed to be around. Perhaps he should have achieved that kind of performance at another club? The media coverage about SC Braga has been ridiculously ignored, it is possible that the coach was not aware that Portugal is not limited to just three clubs.

Fernando Santos: The Last Dance?

Therefore, it would be nice to regret the absence of such a player or be offended by the presence of another player; The footage is left to one man, Fernando Santos. From hero to zero, the rope was pulled too far. Failure in the European Championship should have been the boat, as he missed a direct qualification for the next World Cup as well. But the Portuguese Federation continued to renew its confidence. However, the team struggles to develop a game worthy of the individuals who compose it, turns its back against the major nations, contenting itself with victory “with pride”, “in mind”. Football is, first and foremost, a popular entertainment. But today more than ever, the engineer seems to have his back to the wall. Portugal should be there in November. And for this, the team will have to defeat the brave Turkish selection, before facing the winner between Italy and North Macedonia. The challenge is expected to be daunting, perhaps the last in Fernando Santos’ state.

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