Prince Harry ‘not very stable’

Prince Harry ‘not very stable’

With the publication of a new memoir with several disturbing revelations about the royal family, Prince Harry makes it clear he is seeking validation, as an expert on the monarchy believes.

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“He’s not psychologically stable, and real psychiatrists can say it started with his mother’s death,” James Jackson, a historian and specialist in the monarchy, said in an interview with TVA Novell.

The latter explains that Prince Harry lost his role as a “surrogate” when Prince George was born and that he now feels rejected.

“The alternative is more positive than saying the disposable spare tire. Because now he’s disposable and he feels rejected by his family. So the reality is he keeps saying, ‘Here I am, I’m counting on something,'” Jackson says.

The royal expert believes the proliferation of shocking revelations about the royal family following the recent interviews of the prince and his wife Meghan, the broadcast of the documentary on Netflix, and the upcoming publication of this memoir has become “painful for everyone”.

“At first, we were curious, and I think we were voyeuristic, but it gets really sloppy, really perverted sometimes. Do we really want to know all the things that went wrong between two brothers?” says James Jackson.

However, he sees that these revelations will never stop.

Because what more could he do? In fact, he would spend the rest of his life saying, Well, I’m counting on something, he analyzes.

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