A series of Portuguese supporters shocked netizens

A series of Portuguese supporters shocked netizens

A series of Eurovision 2023 shocked netizens. France screenshot 2

The grand finale of the ‘Eurovision’ was a diffusée on May 13 in France 2. And there are 26 payouts in competition on the last stage, because it is a series that has been déroulée in the coulisse that is choqué. Internet users. In the audience, a woman’s behavior was worthy of a “forbidden film for those under 18” … In any case, we can congratulate Lauren, the representative of Sweden, on her victory.

Saturday, May 13, was marked by the Grand Final of the 67th Eurovision concert, broadcast on France 2. The year before, the Kalush Orchestra, nominated from Ukraine in 2022, won this prestigious competition. And if in normal times it is the winning country that should organize the next ceremony, then this year there have been some changes. Indeed, due to the war in Ukraine, this symbolic competition finally took place in England, namely at the Liverpool Arena. But this year again it was Lawrence Boccolini and Stefan Berne who hosted this gala live, as 26 countries did everything to win the cup.

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“We constantly have sexist comments from Stefan Bern”

The least we can say is that the French presenters’ animations were not unanimous on the web. Once again, netizens deemed Stefan Bern’s comments “sexist”. For many Twitter subscribers, this duo didn’t convince them and some even preferred to watch the show on YouTube to dispense with all their comments. A “good plan” has been shared many times.

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‘France’s performance is amazing’

If the comments of Stefan Byrne and Lawrence Boccolini did not seduce netizens, the representative of France on Twitter could unanimously agree. La Zara interpreted her title as “Obviously” and managed to charm the 11,000 people present at the Liverpool Arena. In addition, the scenography dazzled all viewers with a long black sequin dress … After her very “successful” performance according to netizens, many Twittos were convinced that she would make it to the top five of this 67th concert of “Eurovision”.

And while some viewers thought the show was all about the arena stage, this was far from the case. The sequence caused all netizens to be amazed. As Hannah and Degham, the headmistress, talk, all eyes are on a scene unfolding behind her in the audience. In the background, but in front of the Portuguese flags, a woman was beating butter… But her gestures and looks suggested a completely different scenario. If for some this sequence was the “picture of the evening”, then for others the show was clearly turning into “pornography” …

Finally, after more than 4 hours of waiting, the name of the grand winner of this 67th edition of “Eurovision” has been announced. This year, Sweden won the competition with 583 points. Lauren won the competition twice. For his part, La Zarra never climbed into the top ten of the competition.

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