Here’s the world’s largest working Xbox Series X console [VIDÉO]

Here’s the world’s largest working Xbox Series X console [VIDÉO]

YouTuber Michael Pick is best known for creating the world’s largest Nintendo Switch, and is back with an entirely new, larger-than-life project that has earned him a record Guinness.

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If you thought the Xbox Series X wasn’t already big enough, you haven’t seen it. So Beck set himself up to an uphill challenge and built an Xbox Series X console as practical as a refrigerator.

hold register Guinness One of the biggest Xbox console in the worldThe Monster Console is 6.28 feet (2.54 meters) high, 3.41 feet (1.96 meters) wide and weighs more than 250 pounds or more than 113 kilograms.

How was the giant console created?

In his video, Beck documented the process of building this juggernaut. The console is made of wood and 3D printed elements. It is faithful to the original body of the apex curvature. It uses a regular Xbox console inside and every button on the console works. Once pressed, the button sends a command to the Arduino controller that instructs the corresponding motor to press the same button on the regular controller inside.

The artist asked ZHC to come and complete the console with a custom design, then the console was donated to young people attending the YMCA Center for Youth and Adolescent Development in Atlanta, Georgia.

After the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X, we wonder what Michael Peake’s version of the giant PlayStation 5 will look like. to follow!

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