PARIS: After three cases of dengue fever, an area in the 15th arrondissement was cleared of mosquitoes last night

PARIS: After three cases of dengue fever, an area in the 15th arrondissement was cleared of mosquitoes last night

After counting three cases of dengue fever within the same family, the ARS investigation was able to prove that the tiger mosquito, responsible for transmitting the disease, was present in the Dombasle Street area (15th century). Therefore, the mosquito control operation took place during the night from Friday to Saturday in an area including part of the streets of Dombasle, Olivier de Serre, Vaugirard and Convention.

“Five samples of larvae were taken from breeding sites containing water and the species Aedes albopictus (Editor’s note: Tiger mosquito) He was registered at a monastery on Rue Dombasle and at a medical educational institute on Rue Olivier de Serres. In the adult stage, two individuals were spotted on Vaugirard Street in the courtyard of a hotel, the regional mosquito control agency determined.

The operation was performed at night, between two in the morning and four in the morning. It started with treatment in the interior courtyards, then treatment with a minivan on Rue de la Convention with the help of the police, who closed access to the street from 3:30 a.m. The street and entrances were reopened around five in the morning, about an hour after the end of treatment.

Operations already this summer on the 13th and in Hauts-de-Seine

Agents were able to access special locations including the inner courtyard of the monastery, the courtyard of the Educational Medical Institute, the inner courtyards of the comprehensive school, the outdoor courtyards of the nursery school, and Rue Lhuillier. All of these property yards have been hand treated in a pedestrian manner with targeted application to vegetation. Previously, residents were asked to leave their windows closed, pets confined and to put away objects and anything thrown on balconies.

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“The entire treatment went very well, as we were able to access all the private yards we included thanks to the cooperation of the site managers,” the Regional Mosquito Control Agency specified in its report.

The same process had already taken place at the end of August in a 13th-century area as well as in Colombes and Rueil-Malmaison in the Hauts-de-Seine.

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