The number that proves that Cristiano Ronaldo is the goat ahead of Leo Messi

The face of Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain has changed this season with the return Cristiano Ronaldo In the Red Devils and the arrival of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain. However, we cannot say that these transfers were an added value for these two teams. MU will end the season without a title and without a doubt without qualifying for the next Champions League. The club from the French capital won the national title but was disappointed in C1. If the Portuguese and Argentines took control of football The world over the past ten years, things are changing.

Fortunately, we have to say because CR7 is 37 and La Polga is 34. They have won almost everything (they missed the World Cup) and yet they still want to show the world that they are not finished. HIf football fans have always wanted to compare them to see who is the absolute best, the goat (the greatest of all time in English), this season, there is no picture between the two men.

4 goals in the French league for Messi

Actually, Cristiano Ronaldo scored more Premier League goals in April (5) than Messi all season in L1 (4 goals). These numbers can make you laugh or cry. It all depends on who we support. But one thing is for sure, Cristiano Ronaldo has had a much greater impact on Manchester United’s season than Lionel Messi’s at PSG.

Some will say that the Portuguese already knows the English championship and Manchester, others will say that Messi has not known any club other than FC Barcelona and finally, some will say that Ronaldo is greater, has scored more goals in the selection and the club than Messi. As well as in the Champions League, which puts him in the lead.

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CR7 also has another C1 in its prize locker. And for this season, there are no pictures since Cristiano scored 23 goals in all competitions compared to Messi’s 9.

Internet users interact

on social networks, This statistic made netizens talk a lot and opened the discussion for the thousandth time.

We read on Twitter:

  • Cristiano has scored useless goals for his club who are going through a white season and are not in the top five in the Premier League. Whereas, thanks to Messi’s goal against Lens, Paris Saint-Germain won the championship. Without forgetting that he is one of the best passers-by in the French League…
  • “Comparing an offensive line player and a line player based on the number of goals, are you serious?”
  • ”Messi is the best player in the world 7 times. Nobody in the world would do that. Ronaldo is a great goalscorer, it’s true, but when we rank the best players of all time, he lags far behind Messi. It just means that the best scorer is not the best player…
  • Ronaldo is three years older. He plays in the Premier League and Messi is at level 1 with a team of stars to help him, so for me Ronaldo is better to replace Messi with cr7 and Paris performed better this year…”
  • Messi is a natural talent and Ronaldo is work and seriousness. Now over time talent dwindles and only hard work continues to pay off. Ronaldo is a true professional, showing consistency and mentality. So far Messi is dropped”

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