Over 20 million views: This video will lead to an unexpected second movie in 2024! – Cinema news

Over 20 million views: This video will lead to an unexpected second movie in 2024!  – Cinema news

He returns with the sequel La vie de château! Comedian Digal, famous for his sketches about the Portuguese, will be the hero of the second part of Operation Portugal. In cinemas February 2024.

Degal will meet you on February 7, 2024 at the cinema to discover the rest of his adventures in cinema! The film’s distribution company, Sony Pictures Entertainment France, has announced the release date of Operation Portugal 2. This sequel will therefore arrive just three years after the release of the first blockbuster (over 450,000 admissions) in June 2021, in a complex period for cinema attendance.

Humorist Juggler, known for its sketches about the Portuguese, will once again be directed by Frank Simmer. They both co-signed the script for this second film, the synopsis of which is currently unknown. And with the title Operation Portugal 2: Castle Life, we can however discover some clues about the upcoming plot!

The first act of Operation Portugal follows Hakim, 35, a friendly neighborhood policeman of Moroccan origin. He must infiltrate Portuguese society for investigative purposes. But can you become Portuguese in three days?

Especially when we know that the intervention of the wise man leads to a walking disaster. His foolishness and bad luck turn his many initiatives into disasters. The outfit is clearly too big for him!

Soon Hakim is caught between his feelings and his mission, and living alone with his mother, he will discover a community and a family as well.

This first feature film is inspired by the huge success of this comedian from the Jamal Comedy Club, his sketch Le Portugais, a sequence that is particularly noted for its Marrakech laugh. The video of this drawing (watch 3m58 in the video above) has received 20 million views on YouTube.

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Operation Portugal, Brice de Nice, Chouchou: 5 theatrical heroes turned into feature films

As director Frank Simmer explains:This project was born in the head of an impostor, and it is chaos in his head, there are thousands of thoughts per second. He mastered this Portuguese character and came up with the idea of ​​putting him in the role of an undercover cop. Which fits him like a glove.

My role in the beginning was to organize all his ideas and organize them to tell a story. With characters we believe in“.

Portugal Operation 2 The film is produced by Moana Films and will be distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment France on February 7, 2024.

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