Opening of the sixth edition

Opening of the sixth edition

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Charm Fado It works again The Kingdom of Morocco. For the sixth year in a row, Fado Festival Revitalizes cities Rabat And White House. Under the slogan “Fado and Portuguese Guitar” singer Cristina Branco And the guitarist Bernardo Cotto Invested on September 8th National Theater Mohammed V.

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World famous fado singer Cristina Branco She celebrated her 25th career year in 2022. She began her musical journey in the 1990s and quickly rose to prominence with her captivating sound and poignant interpretation of fado. Christina knew how to reinterpret traditional fado by bringing in contemporary influences, while maintaining the essence and emotion of this famous music genre. for Bernardo CottoHe is considered one of the best Portuguese guitarists of his generation. Bernardo Cotto contributed greatly to the development of Fado and was distinguished by his distinctive technique and style. His talent, virtuosity and innovative approach to playing the Portuguese guitar earned him equal recognition Portugal From outside.

The duo will perform at a concert on Saturday, September 9, in Casablanca. Performing arts studio. In addition to the concert Cristina Branco and Bernardo CottoIn order to highlight the many aspects of Portuguese culture, Fado Festival Two free activities will be organized on the same day at Studio des Arts vivants. Thus, the audience will have an appointment with the screening of the documentary film “Artur entre paredes” (2021), from Portuguese director Ivan Dias. This documentary explores his life and workArtist Arthur Boal, a world-famous painter and sculptor. Dias immerses viewers in the artist’s intimate world, revealing his sources of inspiration, artistic techniques and thoughts about art and society.

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Through in-depth interviews, captivating footage and archival footage, the documentary offers a unique look at the development of Artur Boll’s work and its impact on the contemporary art world. The documentary is particularly evocative Fado And from here Portuguese guitar In the Portuguese artistic context. The program also includes a conference on the topic “Portuguese guitar», curated by guitarist Bernardo Cotto. Travel event and showcase Fado internationally, Fado Festival Celebrating its thirteenth international edition, since its inception in Madrid. Each year, the event travels to 18 major cities in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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