Training: Paris Saint-Germain defeats Benfica and continues its way in the Youth League (1-0)

In pain, PSG’s U19 team beat defending champions, SL Benfica (1-0). Zoumana Camara scored a third precious success thanks to a new goal from their player Elias Hosny.


PSG U19 vs Benfica composition: Mukeh – Lamy, El Hanash ©, Fernandez Feliz – Zago, Kari, Bagpima (Diawara, 63 d), and Mungo – Limina (Chicambod, 46 d), Hosni, Gharbi.

Benfica U19 squad vs Paris Saint-Germain: Gomez – Tomé (Reis Melro, 86′), Jevsenak, Coser, Spencer – Neves, Félix (Precatado, 64′), Ferreira (N’Dour, 64′) – Moreira, Semedo (Dju, 78′), Félix (Faria , 78′).

game sheet:

Objectives : Elias Hosny (1-0, 80).

Warnings: Yellow card for Ferreira (22 minutes), Luis Semedo (30 minutes), Tommy (83 minutes) – Diawara (71 minutes), Muquet (90 + 3).

the game :

first half

The Parisians start the match at the Futebol Campos in Seixal. Noha Lemina is fired deep and hits the Lisbon defense, getting a first corner in this segment (2′). The start of the match was balanced, Benfica managed the ball well and organized the two teams (4′). The match is clearly skewed to the left on the Portuguese side, with Diego Moreira already very turbulent. Hanash had to work hard to stop him (7′). First big chance in Paris! Hosni, sent by Limina near the area, played the role of SLP goalkeeper but was caught by one of the defenders when the goal looked too close (9).

Benfica responds with stride and collects in small spaces. Joao Neves finds a shooting angle but his attempt is exceeded (11′). The Portuguese settles into the semi-field ¨SG, the Parisian defense is holding up at the moment but SLB is technically easy (14′). Hugo Felix brought the first terror to Louis Moquet’s cages with a free kick that started well but ended next to the right post (16).

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The first twenty minutes were difficult for Paris Saint-Germain, as they dominated technically and in possession of the ball. However, the Paris block is still well organized (20 min). Fernandez Velez contains Luis Semedo well with an excellent intervention, and a good intervention from the defender (21). In the next corner, Moquet makes the first save in this meeting and picks up a header lacking in strength from Diego Moreira. The Parisians double down on errors, and Bagbema offers a new free kick to the Lisbon people, who find it difficult to negotiate well with them (25 min). The referee gives the players a great break, it’s hot in Portugal.

Already two warnings on the Portuguese side: after Diogo Ferreira, Luis Semedo also received a yellow flag (28). Benfica continues to press the Parisian cages, and Diogo Ferreira sends a nice shot that is repeated again (30). PSG gave themselves a little air, Lemina and Zague tried to combine but was quickly stopped by the SLB defense (32′). Muntu Wa Mungu tries to shoot the westerner in the rear but the Benfica goalkeeper comes out well at the feet of the striker (34 min). The Portuguese infiltrated the Paris area, and Moreira served Felix with a good convincing pass, but the Paris defense interfered (37′).

Parisians are playing with fire. After losing the ball, Joao Neves can arm the hit that escapes from the frame again. Went Away (39 min). It was Luis Semedo’s turn to try his luck from afar, and this was the Portuguese’s ninth shot of the match (43). Hosni is sent in the area but the striker is immediately pressured by the Benfica defence, a complicated first half for the 17-year-old (45). In the first half, the two teams back to back, still 0-0.

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Second half:

The game resumes, with a notable change since Queyrell Tchicamboud replaced Noha Lemina. The Parisians started better than they did in the first half and settled on a higher level on the field (48). Bagbema sends Tchicamboud between the lines, and another intervention is required at the feet of the Benfica goalkeeper (51). Great job from Paris Saint-Germain! Zaghi crossed to Hosni who took over with a stunning acrobatic air kick, great display from the Lisbon goalkeeper. This work was well received by the public, it must be emphasized. We were about to see one of the goals of the year (53 minutes). Moquet had to respond immediately and interfered with a kick from Ferreira, the encounter gaining momentum (54′).

The first quarter-hour of this second half is more interesting than the entire first 45 minutes. Paris woke up and made a real opposition to Benfica (58). Benfica is still playing in the match as well, going from goal to goal and Fernandez-Velez needing to cut a Portuguese attack (61). Change on both sides. For Paris, it is Diawara who replaces Bagbema in the middle (63 min). Fernandez Velez headed another dangerous ball (66). On the seemingly innocuous free kick, Moquet read the track poorly, he could be too pricey for the Parisians (68′). The chances are multiplying for the incompetent Benfica (69′).

The intensity decreases slightly after about twenty minutes with an important rhythm. The Parisians reorganized a little (73′). Hosni’s offside mark was once again marked by a hair display, all in vain for the PSG forward who was leaving to play 1v1 with a Portuguese defender (74). In a very effective double match, Benfica’s attack heads into the goal but El Hanash makes a very quick intervention! (77′). The Paris Saint-Germain defender also hurt himself and called doctors.

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Parisians open the scoring after ten minutes from the end! In a fine turn from Chickhambod, Hosni tricks the Benfica goalkeeper completely and lets his team pass (0-1, 80)!

Lisbon tried to respond, but Paris Saint-Germain’s defense held firm (82). Al-Hanach repeats with a wonderful intervention at the feet of striker Diego, very important (85). The Portuguese are making a new change, and it is up to them to play the match in these last minutes. After contact, Tchicamboud remains on the ground. The match was stopped for a few seconds and then resumed (88′). Big chance for SLB, Moreira finds himself facing the cages but the 2004 generation player loses his support and falls (89′).

The referee indicates that there will be an additional five minutes. Benfica continues to attack from the goal (90 + 1). Rain of the great chances for Benfica in the last few minutes, stopped noticeably in front of Djo (90 + 2). The PSG goalkeeper intervened again in front of N’Dour (90 + 3′). The referee blew the final whistle for the match, and the Parisians won by the smallest margins and scored a third victory that was precious in their pockets.

Ranking effect:

After the match, the order is as follows:

  1. PSG: 9 points (+8)
  2. Juventus: 4 points (0)
  3. Maccabi Haifa: 3 points (-6).
  4. Benfica: 1 point (-2)

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