One UI 6.1 update disables the fingerprint scanner, here is the temporary solution

One UI 6.1 update disables the fingerprint scanner, here is the temporary solution

Samsung has finally started rolling out the long-awaited One UI 6.1 update, which brings AI features to the Galaxy S24. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned for users, who have now become victims of a glitch that completely disabled the fingerprint scanner. The good news is that there is a solution while we wait for the official fix.

Samsung OneUI storage is clearer

The One UI update has rarely been so anticipated. It has to be said that One UI 6.1 brings with it a major argument: the AI ​​features of the Galaxy S24, finally available on the Galaxy S23. Unsurprisingly, many users were quick to download the update as soon as it was published by Samsung. However, as is often the case with updates of this size, this update arrived with some technical issues.

Initially, users are very upset when they see gesture navigation disappearing for no apparent reason with the update. Although it is disabled for those who are used to it, it is still possible to interact with your smartphone despite the absence of this function. On the other hand, it becomes more complicated when the fingerprint scanner refuses to work.

How to fix the bug that breaks the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S23

Many of them actually encounter a fingerprint scanner that has been working since the update to One UI 6.1. “No error, the fingerprint animation appears again as soon as I touch the screen and I have to touch it again to unlock the phone; I have the impression that my contact is reactivating the fingerprint sensor or that the sensor is ignoring the presence of my finger »“, explains one user on Reddit.

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The issue appears to affect all models in the range, including the Galaxy S23 FE. For some, you have to wait several seconds until the sensor decides to scan the fingerprint. Others have to press several times before getting a reaction. Since this is an obvious bug, and given the increasing number of certifications, Samsung should not delay rolling out the fix. In the meantime, users have found a temporary solution.

If you have issues with the fingerprint scanner, go to Settings > Security & privacy > Biometrics And deactivate the option Show unlock transition effect.

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