Green Fashion Days: 3 Ideas for a More Ethical Wardrobe

Green Fashion Days: 3 Ideas for a More Ethical Wardrobe


Wooden glasses and a linen cycling shirt… On November 16 and 17 at Fashion Green Days, we found everything to get renewed using original and responsible products. Small selections of Nantes finds.

Team Hakino and their wooden glasses at Fashion Green Days. © Mark Roger

How to recreate tomorrow’s fashion? This is the question posed by the Green Fashion Days, two days dedicated to responsible fashion, organized for the first time in Nantes, after two successful editions in Lille and Lyon. For professionals in this ecosystem (creators, SMEs, researchers and students), it was an opportunity to share their ideas and knowledge to promote reuse, circular fashion or material recycling. Among the presented projects, there are three worn by local residents who can find a place in their wardrobe.

La Virgule and its “recycled” backpack.


La Virgule is a new brand launched by a group of friends who are passionate about sports. “By participating in high-level competitions around the world, we have realized the very high carbon footprint of manufacturing sports equipmentMaxime, one of the co-founders, attests. Sails, surfboards, wetsuits… all this equipment requires mainly composite and highly processed materials… and often ends up in the trash after competitions because it’s not. Recyclable. » It was from this observation that the four friends decided to co-found a more ethical “outdoor” gear brand: La Virgule. Their first product is a backpack made from recycled products. “The best materials are at our feet: we must find solutions to give them a second life!” » After years of development in Lille and Portugal, the company has just moved to Nantes. “We needed an innovative, rainy environment to test the water resistance of our equipment.”Maxim jokes.

Linen shirts “Made in France”

Daily Bike.jpg

“My husband and I have been traveling for years. It’s a real passion and an excellent means of transportation, but we arrived at the office sweating. One day we got tired of it!says Sophie Blouin, co-founder of the brand Everyday bike. We began to imagine a cycling jersey, made from natural materials and not retaining odors. And for this we had to use a very specific fabric: linen! » Good news, 95% of global linen production is French. Immediately, the couple set out to start making T-shirts that are 100% made in France. “We have developed a range of cycling jerseys that are thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, breathable and anti-bacterial. Everything is made in Clisson, in the vineyards of Nantes, and we sell online or in cycling shops like Ecox or Poupupidou.”

Hakino Wooden Sunglasses


“I am a designer and co-founder Hakino 10 years ago, following a challenge posed by an optometrist: imagine wooden eyeglass frames, Arnaud Baldoc remembers. I was joined on my adventure by optometrist Hervé Fraisé. After some testing and prototyping, we were able to make wooden frames. This material adds a lot of originality to the glasses! In addition, wood is more durable, more environmentally friendly and produces a lower carbon footprint. » Gradually, the company envisioned innovative processes for wood carving and manufacturing or even offering adjustable frames. The model is signed by the famous Nantes designer Patrick Gouin. “The various components are manufactured in France and assembled at our headquarters in Vertou, allowing us to control the quality of our products.”Arno continues. Today, 1,500 tires leave the workshop every year and are distributed in 170 stores in France.

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