Oliveira's winning jump in the 110m hurdles

Oliveira's winning jump in the 110m hurdles

Matthew Warnier, Media365: Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 1:10 p.m.

Portugal's Joao Vitor de Oliveira shined on Tuesday by jumping the final 110m hurdles at the European Championships in Munich. It was a gesture that was not in vain as it allowed him to qualify for the semi-finals.

There was Ladji Doucouré's “The Broken Fox”. The 110m hurdles will now have a winning dive! This Tuesday, during the European 110m hurdles championship series, currently being held at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, João Vitor de Oliveira surprised his opponents as well as the public with an unexpected but not unprecedented gesture. Inspired by a movement that started in university trials in the United States in 2019, theThe Portuguese runner did not hesitate to dive towards the finish line in the hope of gaining a few hundredths of a second. In the fight for a place in the semi-finals of the event. João Vitor de Oliveira entered the second round of the three series, which is actually a preliminary round for the athletes who had the lowest qualifying time and made the first scrap, taking all the risks and it turned out that it was not. wrong.

Qualification obtained in two thousandths of a second

With a time of 13'46, a new personal best and the best time of the series, Switzerland's Finlay Gaiot was dominant ahead of Great Britain's David King (13'63). But behind this duo, the battle was heating up for the last two tickets to the semi-finals. While four athletes were on the same page, That's when Joao Vitor de Oliveira decided to dive towards the goal line.If Finland's Santeri Koosiniemi finished third, this unexpected gesture proved to be a winner for the Portuguese. If given at the same time as Michael Obasogi, Finally, João Vitor de Oliveira beat the latter by two thousandths of a second and finished fourth. The Belgian may regret that he only recruited Norwegian Vladimir Vukicevic in 13'75. With 13:90, Michael Obasoy was off the mark.

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