ATP Challenger – Yokkaichi 2022 – LIVE – The results – A Final Ferreira Silva vs Watanuki – Sports Infos – Ski

ATP Challenger – Yokkaichi 2022 – LIVE – The results – A Final Ferreira Silva vs Watanuki – Sports Infos – Ski

Serial heads

Kaichi Uchida (Japan)

James Duckworth (Australia)

Yusuke Watanuki (Japan)

Ryo Noguchi (Japan)

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Monday 21st November

Two surprises with Yoichi Sugita (protected player) serving to countryman Ryo Noguchi, TDS 4, 6/4 1/6 6/1. Australian Dane Sweeny, TDS 8, also took the door after being defeated by Yunseong Chung (COR) 7/5 6/2.

Tuesday 22nd November

The first round continues today with the victory of Portugal’s Frederico Ferreira Silva, who was already shining last week, who eliminates Yu Hsiu Hsu (TAI, TDS 5) 6/2 2/6 6/2.

Uchida, Duckworth and Watanuki pass this round without too many problems, as does Romanian Nicholas David Ionel winner Nino Cerdarosek (CRO), another fit man, 6/4 7/6 (1)

Wednesday 23 November

There are no singles on today’s program due to weather, all 1/8 finals will be held tomorrow.

Thursday 24 November

There is only one surprise to note, and again, in this 1/8 finals, Sho Shimabukuro beat TDS 7, Vietnamese Nam-Hoang Ly 6/2 6/3.

Friday, September 25, 1/4 Finals

Kaichi Uchida 🇯🇵 vs. Shu Shimabukuru 🇯🇵: 4/6 6/2 7/5

Colin Sinclair 🇽🇰 vs. Frederico Ferreira Silva 🇵🇹: 2/6 6/3 3/6

Yunseong Chung 🇰🇷 vs. Yusuke Watanuki 🇯🇵 : 2/6 2/5ab

Nicholas David O’Neill 🇷🇴 vs. James Duckworth 🇦🇺 : 6/4 3/6 3/6

It was not a surprise in this quarter-final, with the victory of the first three seeds and the success of the Portuguese over Sinclair, the Mariana Islands, which were eliminated from the qualifiers.

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Saturday, September 26, semi-finals

Kaichi Uchida 🇯🇵 vs. Frederico Ferreira Silva 🇵🇹 : 2/6 2/6

In impressive form at the end of the season, the 224th in the world leaves no chance for his rival.

Yusuke Watanuki 🇯🇵 vs. James Duckworth 🇦🇺: 7/6 6/3

After this new victory for 24-year-old Nippon, this Sunday we will have exactly the same final as last week in Kobe!

Sunday 27 September Final

Frederico Ferreira Silva 🇵🇹 vs Yusuke Watanuki 🇯🇵


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