Tarn: The schizophrenic thief stole the donation jar to help sick children

Tarn: The schizophrenic thief stole the donation jar to help sick children

It is an interesting debate called Me Jean Antoine Escande, yesterday at the court of Castres. He fired in a long plea he accustomed to, this time to defend his client, described by a psychiatrist as a schizophrenic and presiding over two robberies in Mazamet, on June 5, taking the opportunity to stir up “jurisdictional “imbalances,” sometimes clumsily, which prompted the presiding officer. To his pieces: “It is not permissible to question the legitimacy of the court! »

We know that for schizophrenia you don’t have to be excited about taking a cure. He’s out of care, without a fixed title, we can keep hitting him just as hard, put him out of play for a while, and know he’s going to start over. He responded after hearing the prosecution’s requests, which requested 8 months with continued detention.

He confesses the theft and then reveals another

At the beginning of June, the 26-year-old homeless man, who was placed under guardianship, was later arrested at the end of the morning after two robberies: the first in McDo, where he took a jar of cash donations to help the sick. Then a few moments later, a doctor’s office (then absent) where he had left with cash and jewelry. The police hear him, and he will recognize the first and reveal the second himself. “Change does not mean cancellation. He was aware of his actions,” says the prosecutor. And the court decided to sentence the accused to a track record of thefts, for a period of 7 months, with continued detention.

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