Nvidia will bring its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to cars

Nvidia will bring its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to cars

Nvidia has claimed that it is working with automakers to enable Triple-A game streaming in their cars.

nvidia It works with a few automakers to offer its cloud gaming service (Cloud gaming) Nvidia GeForce Now available on their cars’ infotainment systems. Nvidia announced on CES 2023 show Its partnership with the South Korean giant Hyundaia leading manufacturer of electric vehicles Pole Star and a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD. However, we have no information on when the service will be launched and on which models it will be available.

GeForce Now: Over 1,000 games to play in the car

in Press releaseNvidia states that GeForce Now It will be able to “stream an entire PC gaming experience in real time”. The graphics processing giant specifies that its service is Cloud gaming Front seat occupants will be allowed Stream games when parked, and passengers in the back playing on the road if screens are available.”

The video above shows passengers and drivers (when the car is stationary) plugging in the controls for their infotainment system. Service library GeForce Now It can be accessed with more than 1,000 titles that can be played with consoles. The catalog includes AAA games such as Cyberpunk 2077 movieAnd The Witcher 3: Wild Huntor games Free to play like Fortnite.

nvidia Indicates that the application is included GeForce Now It will work on Android-based infotainment systems or via an integrated web browser. However, the company has not yet specified the technical specifications needed to reach it.

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The technical development of infotainment systems and larger screens has made flow More demanding games. Although some auto manufacturers initiatives are very limited, such as BMW AirConsole Partnershiplike others Are you here take the lead. The electric car giant provided the service Tesla Arcade As early as 2019 and recently added a file Access to the Steam platform for its latest vehicles.

with arrival Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service In cars, Triple-A titles should become more popular in the near future. The Nvidia platform has been offering 1440p resolution at 120 frames per second since last summer on Chrome and Edge browsers.

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