Microsoft Rewards: App changes and disappearance on Xbox

Microsoft Rewards: App changes and disappearance on Xbox

Microsoft Rewards

Hello gamers and fans of the world of Microsoft! Today we’re meeting to discuss the latest rumors surrounding Microsoft’s beloved rewards program Microsoft Rewards. It seems that big changes are expected, most notably the disappearance of the app on Xbox as well as the weekly streaks. But don’t panic, I will explain everything in detail in this article!

Microsoft Rewards: A quick reminder for beginners

For those who are not familiar with the program yet, Microsoft Rewards allows users to earn points by completing various daily tasks on Microsoft platforms such as:

  • Shop on Microsoft Store
  • Using the Bing search engine
  • Playing on Xbox

The accumulated points can then be redeemed for gift cards, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, promotional items, and many other rewards.

Announcing the removal of the Xbox app

There have been persistent rumors circulating lately regarding the impending closure of the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox as early as next month. One Brazilian gamer has already managed to spot a long message when launching the said application, indicating that as of December, it will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

End of weekly streaks?

Among the information revealed, it appears that this is also the case Strips can be removed weekly. No official confirmation has been given from Microsoft about this, but it raises the question about the future of challenges and missions to earn these valuable points.

New activities planned at the “My Rewards” centre.

Good news though! It is indicated in the same message mentioned previously that after the disappearance of the Xbox application, Additional activities will be found in the My Rewards CenterIt can be accessed under your game account. Users will therefore be able to continue earning points on other platforms or via new tasks.

  • New challenges : Something to spice up our gaming sessions a little!
  • New activities : Hopefully it will be more interesting and fun than its predecessors to make up for this omission.
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Final Word: Should you be worried about Microsoft Rewards?

In short, if the shutdown of the Xbox app is a reality, it should not be seen as the end of the Microsoft Rewards program as a whole. This change could simply mean a Reorganizing the rewards system at Microsoft And modify the methods of collecting points. All that remains is to wait for more information and official confirmations from the American company to learn more about the future of the program! So, gamers, let’s confirm that these changes are beneficial to our video game experience.

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