Microsoft introduces new tools for designing, building, and promoting applications

PARIS, May 24 (Benin News / August) –

What Microsoft developers are building is “changing the way we learn and work,” CEO Satya Nadella noted Tuesday at the inaugural Microsoft Build 2022 conference.

This event made it possible to welcome new features intended for developers, starting with those that allow them to continue development, for example. Microsoft DevBoxto me cloud workstation Based on Microsoft 365 and github helper, Artificial intelligence (AI) solution It provides feedback and suggestions from the code the developer is working on.Able to complete complete lines. It will be generally available by the end of the summer, after beta testing that began last year.

The company unveiled a completely redesigned Microsoft Store last year, which will host the service in the coming months. Microsoft Store Ads To highlight the programs and games of developers through Campaigns targeting ‘the right customers’ from the same store.

Microsoft also announced the opening of Win32 apps in its Store, as well as an extension of the preview version of the Amazon App Store, currently available in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, where it will arrive later. this year.

In order to create an open ecosystem, Qualcomm jointly announced with the company. Volterra project, A small computer aimed at developers interested in AI scenarios, based on the arm and powered by Snapdragon.

Volterra project Combines central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and neural processing units (NPUs) with Azure cloud computing.. It’s made from recycled ocean plastic, includes a variety of ports, and features a stackable design.

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Other AI-powered work automation tools include Microsoft energy pages, A “low code” platform that developers can use Website Design, Configuration and Deployment For desktop and mobile.

On the other hand, Express Design in Power Apps is a tool that turns a downloaded design in a PDF, PowerPoint, or even manually into a workable application.

to Cloud Native DevelopmentMicrosoft announced Azure container applicationsA hosting service where developers can deploy containers for their applications without having to manage complex infrastructures. And when it comes to data standardization, Microsoft’s new smart data platform.

Microsoft Build 2022 also welcomed what’s new from Microsoft for the metaverse. Her approach, as outlined during the keynote, begins with Teams video conferencing service, which will enhance attendee interaction with Live Share, immersing them in holographic experiences with the deployment of Mesh for Teams.

The company’s work in this new virtual environment is geared towards a greater sense of presence, where one can build immersive worlds that open up new possibilities. And they do it with Support any type of virtual or augmented reality equipment, So that developers don’t have to tie it to a specific platform.

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